Sunday, September 7, 2014

House at Dempsey

Couple of weeks ago there was a little surprise for the birthday girl. Some special arrangements were made and man I would say the service is awesome.

Basically, the surprise was...

Birthday girl will be accompanied by le boyfriend to House at Dempsey with the mindset that it's just a dinner between the both of them. So when they arrived they were showed to a 2 seater to avoid suspicion. So after they were seated, we arrived shortly and went to the reception desk. All we had to do was to say le boyfriend name under the reserved name and immediately the staff knew what to do. They offered to take us through the back door so that we can appear magically and surprise the birthday girl. 

Of course the surprise was a major success and once we reach, they shifted us to a long table and transferred the orders for the couple and took our orders. 

Maybe to you it's no big deal but I feel that this are same gestures and preparation that not every restaurant bothers. House at Dempsey definitely did a great job and I ought to comment them for it. 

Of course not to mention, the food was awesome. Though the prices are slightly steep but for the entire experience and occasion, it's definitely worth to pamper yourself.

Enough of my yakking, here's the highlight... Which is the food!

Truffle Fries @ $12

Hanger Steak @ $36

Slightly beefy taste that I personally don't like it but the meat is really soft. Birthday girl definitely enjoyed this. 

Fish Basket @ $32

Watermelon Rush @ $8.50

Teh Latte @ $6

Ice Chocolate @ $7

American Slider @ $26

Squid Ink Paella @ $30

Okay, this is probably the only thing you should avoid. It was pretty bad that he didn't even want to finish it. 

Pork Ribs @ $29

You love pork ribs?  I totally love pork ribs and this-is-fucking-awesome. Okay I mean it's damn good and for the price you paid for the portion served is fantastic. 

The meat is really soft and the sauce was just... Too good. Okay I'm definitely missing this as I type. I will go back again for this ribs, really.

Jamica Pork Tender @ $27

Good choice but not recommend for big eaters. Portion is quite small. 

Asian Slider @ $26

A little twist but was good too 

Basically the food there was awesome, service is good just the location is a little off if you don't drive. Have a friend that's driving you? Consider this place for a special occasion or birthday!


8D Dempsey Road 
Singapore 249672

Opening hours: 
Mon - Thu: 12:00 - 23:00
Fri: 12:00 - 00:00
Sat: 11:00 - 00:00
Sun: 09:00 - 23:00


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  1. "I totally love pork ribs and this-is-fucking-awesome." Nice! I enjoy reading your blog and the photos. Keep up the good work ��✌