Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cafe: Hangout Cafe @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5

Hey awesomes, I'm back with a quick and short post about this new cafe I went just a few days ago. It's pretty good and I really enjoyed myself while taking a break from my books and having a good brunch with the boy.

So the boy brought me to this new hideout he discovered.

It's pretty quiet there with ample parking space because it's at Ang Mo Kio Blk 603! Yes, I love neighbourhood cafes (just like to-gather cafe at Bedok and Shrove Tuesday at Toa Payoh) because first, their service are usually better. Second, it's usually cozy and quiet. Third, parking wouldn't be too expensive/hard to find.

We went on a Saturday noon, it was drizzling outside when we arrived. The entire cafe isn't very big, probably looking at 20-25ish seats. Not really recommended for big groups if you are walking in. Good news is, they do take reservations! Groups of 4 should already consider reserving.

Best part about this cafe? No GST or Service Charge. L-O-V-E I-T. :D

Since they are pretty new, here's the menu for you before you decide if you want to drop by. Anyway it's worth a try, so just go. Hahahhahaaa.

Vanilla Latter @ $5.50

The boy didn't complain, probably because he wasn't a picky eater. Only thing I didn't like was the art, not very nice lei. But okay la, don't hiam. (anyway I didn't try so I can't give any comments on the coffee)

Black Lychee Tea @ $5.50

I wouldn't go for hot tea usually.. but that day I was down with a cold so hot drink was a better choice. Pretty refreshing, I enjoyed it. Went well with the cold weather too.

Nacho Cheese Fries @ $10

Usually we'd just order truffle fries without second thoughts. But the boy suggested to have Nachos instead and man, it was a awesome choice because.... it was really good. The cheese was good, and what made it even better is that the cheese was enough to go with every single fries! You know how most of the time the cheese is usually enough for the fries on top then by the time you reach the bottom all the cheese is gone then you'd be like just eating, fries. But, this was good, really. I urge you to try this for a change when you come. Of course, if you're going in a big group, ORDER BOTH! I haven't tried their truffle but I'm sure it won't go wrong.

Hang Out Big Breakfast @ $16

I like the mashed potato balls, the eggs was okay. Everything was decent, nothing to pick on about. Anyway, both of us cleaned up our plates. Hahaha, either we were to hungry or the food was too good. For you to decide when you go there.

Egg Benedicts @ $16

I'm usually very particular about the hollandise sauce and the poached eggs. Well, this didn't disappoint me and I enjoyed every last bit of it.

If you're nearby the neighbourhood or looking for something affordable and good, probably you could mark this on your list for the next cafe hop.


Blk 603 #01-2661 
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 
Singapore 560603 

Opening hours: 
Tue to Fri 1100 - 2230
Sat & Sun 1000 - 2230
Closed on Mondays


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