Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gone for awhile.

Hey there, I wonder if anyone's reading this. Hmm.

ANYWAY. I've been missing quite a bit here in this space. Not because I didn't want to post anything but because I haven't been visiting much cafes/restaurant neither been travelling... so that's why I've been missing in September. (But I'm still happy for those whom still visit me though there's no new post.)

October/November would be another 2 busy months for me because... I'm a part-time student, so I've got to work in the day, and study in the night. Unlikely gonna have time to cafe-hop sadly.

Well, I've got a couple of drafts but still haven't found the time to do. Maybe when I take a break from my studies I'd pop by awhile. :D

And just so you know.... I can't wait to work on my travel post! I'd be heading to Taiwan (this time round is a self-planned trip!) and Korea (February 2015)! So I hope to bring a similar post that I did for Korea in 2013 December, for my Taiwan trip! (But I know there's tons of Taiwan itineraries out there already hahahhaha)

Hope you'd come back and share my joy with me then!


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