Thursday, October 2, 2014

Japanese: Ootoya Restaurant

Once again it was another year of birthday celebration for M. Can't make reservations so we have to go walk in. Unfortunately the restaurant is pretty small and it's not very friendly for groups of 6 hence we had to sit right outside the door.

The seats inside some of them would require you to remove your shoes before you can go in to sit down.

That's just... how big the restaurant is inside and we're outside, by the walk way. Right infront of Kiseki Buffet.

I forgot to take photographs of the menu and... I also forgot to take the receipt so I kinda can't recall all the prices and the names of the dishes but I'd try my best to describe it.

All the sets came together with Chawanmushi (which is yay!) and a side dish which was some vegetable that we all didn't eat it. (I reckon it was ginger) and plus a glass or hot or cold green tea.

This was alright but if you don't like clams, then maybe you won't like this. There were 3 clams inside this little bowl of steamed eggs. Because M can't eat so I had like 6. Lol!

It's been so, so long since I had good toji apart from my old favourite at Tonkichi (but I don't go there now because of the price increase). This Katsu Toji (loin, which means the one with more fats) isn't too bad. Salty enough, but a little tad too fatty for my liking. Just to be fair, I don't eat roasted pork so you can gauge from there my liking for fats. It should be $23 for this set. 

This should be chicken toji, slightly cheaper at about $17.50. The white lump on top are radish. Which I don't really like the smell of it.

This was under their special, some curry taji which was good too. But I don't recall the price. :(

This is some kimchi toji which wasn't too bad. Not too sourish and spicy, slightly refreshing taste. Also, I forgot how much was this. 

Slightly different from what we ordered, a Chicken Ju. Should be about $18.

Nothing really wow about this place but it's a good place to have a quick fix of Japanese food. If you're nearby and don't wish to burn your pockets, this is good.

Average per pax you'd be looking at paying about $25 for a complete meal with drinks. :)


Orchard Central

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sun 1200 to 2130

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