Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cat Cafe: Meomi @ Bugis

I visited my first ever cat cafe miles away from Singapore in Korea back last year. I've always loved animals and well, you could say I take extra love in kitties.

Here's to my first surprise visit by Ally to a cat cafe located nearby arab street. Thanks again for the treat!

And so she chose Meomi! They have a cozy space that everyone gets to sit down. Of course it's not as big as compared to Korea's but it was decent.

Back in Korea, they charge via per head not in the terms of hours so you could say it's way cheaper there because we paid SGD10 for a complimentary drink and so long as we want to stay, we're welcomed to do so. So if you want to compare like that, Meomi would be very expensive because of hourly charges but then again, it's a totally different culture and market here in Singapore. So, it's still worth to go and try out even for once.

Ally made an appointment at 8pm and it was about 3/4 filled. Most of the cats are no where to be seen though. Some were sleeping, some were hiding but there were 2-3 active ones roaming around. But of course it wasn't enough to 'share' around but for me it was good just looking at them.

So this is how the entire place looks. Pretty small but it also means that the cats are all within your reach. Oh, just remember to wear pants/shorts or you'd have a hard time sitting down.

Oh and meet one of my favourite, this is Oreo. Another of my favourite is Mario, the one with the short legs. (I absolutely love cats fat with short legs, they look so adorable!)

Oh and this is the Mario I told you about.

Hi Mario!

So this poster shows you all the cats available in the cafe, just 1-2 not yet in but intending to bring them in.

Enough spam of kitty photos, credits some to Ally whom sent me a couple of awesomely taken ones. Overall, the experience was warm. Well, the owner (I think) were warm and welcoming. They would occasionally make the cats 'perform' and be active. Also they take effort in providing good hospitality. It's not like, alright you pay and you sit down and if the cats don't play that's your problem. The crews will make the cats active, they to entice them to move about and interact.

Well, this is just my first cat cafe in Singapore so we'd see how many more I'd visit and tell you how I find about the rest of it!

Till then, this is good enough.

But I still miss Korea, and the cats. Hahahahhahaa.

668 North Bridge Road 
Singapore 188801

Opening hours: 
Daily 1000 to 2300

6296 0339

Social Media: 

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