Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Domani Risorante Italiano @ Takashimaya

A wide variety for you to choose from pasta to mains and pizza! Lucky for us, there's this dinner promotion for $26.90 (before GST) that consist of a choice of soup/salad/tapas with choice of pasta an main! (it's half portion for both) So if you're puzzled like me not knowing which one you want or you want to try both then this is the best for you!

Although there's only 4 choices to each category but it was good enough for me. Both the pasta and mains I wanted to try was part of it, so lucky me! :)

Garlic Chicken Wings @ $6.00

The wings were either too good or we were too hungry cause we finished it up instantly when it was served! But, okay it's not too bad. $6 for 6 pieces of wings.

Salad that was refreshing and the sauce was overly generous. Love the crispy bread crumbs!

Ribs with Crabmeat pasta. Love the ribs, meh with the pasta. :/

Cheese chicken, not too bad. Pasta no go.

Bacon Pasta & Ribs, both good.

Overall a quick dinner place without anything wow. Valuable dinner set, else maybe you can reconsider.


Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road 
#B2-37 Singapore 238872

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sun 1100 to 2200

6734 1638

Social Media: 

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