Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Italian: Otto Ristorante

On every special occasion that we celebrate together, we'd always give ourselves a good treat to an awesome meal. November marks the end of 2014 celebration for us - cause Dennis's the last one amongst us.

I made a search for decent Italian restaurant and Otto Ristorante was approved by le Kelvin - the Italian enthusiast.

Photographs below are all taken by Kelvin - le awesome god brother of mine. Thanks again bro, for sharing the pictures with me.

Fine dining always feels good. Well at least to me, the service I get = the money I paid.

Complimentary appetizer. (which I don't know the dish name)

Seared Hokkaido Scallop with Cauliflower Veloute and Fresh Chive $28

6grams of truffle cost us $60 - and we didn't realize it until the bill came to us. Hahahhahaa.
But it was really good with the scallops. The weighing machine came with the chef that served us the truffle.

6gram of truffle on top of the scallops, $60.
So it makes this particulr dish, $88 for an appetizer. 

Seared foie gras with celeriac puree and aged balsamic vinegar $29

Pancetta wrapped monkfish fillet with leek veloute and red wine reduction $44

Homemade braised wagyu cheek tortelli with porcini mushrooms ragout $34

Dutch milk fed veal ossobuco served with milanese style saffron risotto $48

Giamaica coffee Tiramisu’ OTTO $16

Other then the fish, everything was way too awesome. It has to be awesome - I mean the bill choked up to $300. Hahahhaa, of course it's not a eveyday thing that we dine like that. But once in a long while, that's indulgence. 

Happy belated birthday again! 

28 Maxwell Road
Red Dot Traffic Building
Singapore 069120

Opening hours: 
Closed on Sundays
Mon to Fri 1200 to 1430, 1830 to 2230
Saturday 1630 to 2230


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