Saturday, December 6, 2014

Yeo Keng Nam Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice

Some time back, one of my boss brought me to this place that I never knew existed - and it's so famous that they have own website (tsk to me). We had a delicious and affordable lunch here!

For some reason I just can't tilt it horizontally even after like 10 tries. 

Sweet Potato Leaves @ $9

3pax serving Chicken @ $16.50

Prawn Roll @ $11

Hainanese Pork Chop @ $11

Need a quick fix for a good chicken rice, then this is a good place for you. It's not really near any MRT so I guess you'd have to take a bus or drive. Parking is quite limited so it's really up to your luck.

Wouldn't mind going back again because it was really good.


8 Braddell Road 
Singapore 359898

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sun 1030 to 2200


Social Media: 

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