Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cafe: Le'toile

This is probably another quiet cafe with a cozy ambience. I went on a Saturday at about 1plus for brunch. There's not much parking around it but there's a HDB parking about 5 minutes away nearby the cafe. You should be able to see the signage by the road side showing the carpark sign.

What I really liked about the place was.. it was quiet, and the entire cafe felt slightly vintage. With all those wooden tables and chairs, made me feel happy. (I am biased against wooden stuff cause they are just so nice.)

A wide choice of sides, mains and drinks which I had a hard time again deciding what I want to eat. For all the all-day-breakfast I've visited, it's almost 100% I would order a poached egg. So for a change.. I decided to try something else and.. man, I'm glad I tried it!

Mike had the poached eggs (probably he ordered that just in case I regretted my decision) while I had the french toast. I've always been a great fan of bread of all kinds since I was a kid! The french toast was really good.. honey with a hint of cinnamon in it. Their menu was quite adorable. Felt like a school textbook with content page and then sub headers. Not to mention the handwriting was cute. (It looks handwritten)

I would prefer to go for refreshing teas but I felt like a hot chocolate that day. It was good, thick and not too sweet. Mocha was good too. We shared a huge-ass plate of shoestring truffle fries and I was a happy girl. (totally love shoestrings!) 

The cakes in the shelves were like calling for me but... I was too full by then to munch on anything after my happy toast and fries.. :(

While waiting for the food to be served, I pop-ed by the side by the cashier and checked out their 'mini-store'. They were selling some handmade stuff and crafts. Files, and notebooks etc. Take a look if you're bored.

//Thanks Mike for the monthly cafe trip!

I forgot to bring my camera out that day... so I had to make do with my phone. Photos are taken by iPhone 5.

You probably can't miss this cause the sign is so huge.

No need to even ask for water, served upon seated!

Hot Chocolate $4.50

I find the cup pretty interesting.

Mocha $5.20

Truffle Fries $14

Quite expensive IMO since a main dish can match up this price but then again, it was good. (Also, Mike's colleague highly recommended this)

French Toast $9.50

Not a very appealing presentation but trust me, the toast, egg and bacon tasted awesome. I really enjoyed it alot.

Eggs Benedict $14.90

Poached eggs approved!

A place I would definitely re-visit! The prices are affordable, not to mention the food is good. You could just relax your afternoon there and avoid the humid weather out there.


160 Owen Road
Singapore 218953

Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri 1100 to 2200
Sat - Sun 900 to 2200


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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dessert: Bricks 'N' Cubes Cafe

Previously this space was owned by another ice cream joint which we are all familiar with, and that's Ben and Jerry. Now this space belongs to Bricks 'N' Cubes.

Initially I planned to go Createaf Waffles which was right beside Starbucks, but I got attracted to this place because of the interior design of this space.

It looks colorful, yummy and fun. The entire mall was very quiet that day so was Bricks. We were literally the only customers there.

Bricks don't offer much choices of waffles so we had to make do with what they have.

Well... I wouldn't come back again for such expensive waffle that tasted... average. This combination is only for peeps who love sweetness to the core. It's tad too sweet for me.

Cubes Chocolatious (about $12)
Freshly baked belgian waffle served with a scoop of chocolate chip gelato, sprinkle with colorful M&M, dark chocolate chip dices and melting chocolate syrup topping and real whipped cream

The Cathay

Opening hours: 
Sun - Thurs 1200 to 2300
Fri & Sat 1200 to 0000


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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cafe: November 8

Quietly situated at this inconspicuous place.. it was slightly difficult to locate the cafe. The building was almost dead, without much activities. We went over during lunch and it was pretty quiet, with just a handful of customers there, enjoying a cup of drink with their laptop in-front of them.

The entire cafe is spacious with ample seats for us to choose from. I assume their kitchen is 'open-concept' because upon leaving the cafe, I stink really badly. (which was a bad choice because I had to spend another 4 hours plus in office before I go home.) Other then the smell.. the cafe was cozy and those rattan seats brings back nostalgic memories. I guess you could include this cafe as one of those 'quieter' ones.

I find the food acceptable, nothing in particular fantastic to rave about.

Side thought-
I don't know about you, but Marilyn commented that because cafes are really everywhere now, and the food they serve are mostly mediocre. Cafes lost something that they really stand out. One of Mike's colleague mentioned that cafes shouldn't have reservation system because cafes are supposed for you to relax, not to eat and go. So.. after hearing comments after comments.. I wonder what cafes would really make me go like WOW, YOU MUST GO now. 

November 8's selling point to me? Spacious, quiet minus the smelly kitchen. I'm not a coffee fanatic and absolutely do-not know how to appreciate it well though I do drink. So my comments on coffee mostly come from my dining companion for the day.

Anyway, enough of 'talking' here's the food pictures of what we had that afternoon.

//Thank you Marilyn for the treat! <3

Menu isn't very extensive.

Waffle with Ice Cream $8 
Slightly lighter waffles, not too bad.

Big Breakfast $20
Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, Gourmet Pork Sausage, Gourmet York Ham, Premium Smoked Ham, Tomato & Mushroom

Potato Rosti $16
Freshly made Rosti served with Scrambled Eggs, Bacon & Gourmet Pork Sausage

Sweet Potato Fries $7
Oven Baked Sweet Potato fries with Himalayan Sea Salt

I thought the sweet potato fries was something pretty unique. Maybe the next time I head back, I'd have a iced tea with some fries and my laptop. Hahaha. 


Thomson V Two
11 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 575629

Opening hours: 
Closed on Wednesday
Daily 1200 to 0000


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Friday, May 23, 2014

Cafe: To-Gather Cafe @ Bedok

Just right beside the famous Bedok 85 where you can find Bar Chor Mee and peanut tang yuan, quietly facing the road you'd see To-gather cafe at Bedok 84. Thanks to Dennis, Kelvin and I got a ride over to this place. We went on a weekday night and parking was slightly tough. (you're like fighting with Bedok 85 crowd, so you can imagine how tough it is.)

It's recommended that you make reservations and apparently they only take reservations 2 days in advance. I totally forgot about making reservations and we ended up having to wait for 15 to 20 minutes. I must emphasis that the service that I experienced here is one of the best amongst the other cafes I've been too. Humble, courteous and customer orientated are words that I can think of to describe the owner (I assume so) of this cafe.

We reached at about 7pm and the cafe was already fully packed. There's limited seats, (estimated maybe about 30-40?) so really, please make reservations to avoid disappointment and long waiting time. So because I forgot about making reservations... we waited. But guess what while waiting? They gave me chairs to seat and kept apologizing that seats will be ready as soon as possible. I mean he didn't had to give me chairs you know. But he did.

The short wait was soon over and finally we got to check out the menu and make our choices! We really ordered ALOT and trust me, my tummy was bursting from the goodness. We ordered 11 items including drinks, starters, mains and dessert! Totally felt like a 3-course meal at the price approximately $80!

Before I go into the photographs.... Special thanks to Kelvin Li for these awesome photographs. All photos are solely taken by him (except my hand hahhahah). So if you're wondering why these pictures look so nice... that's why.

Kelvin's the co-owner of cafehopping, which I definitely do not need to elaborate further.. it's like the mother-of-cafes-blogs. Every cafe hopper knows about cafehopping! You can find them at their website, facebook and instagram. Well, he does more of the.. creative side of it. Like what you're about to see.

Menu's right beside the table and once you've
decided then you can make payment at the counter.

They have a kids corner at the corner of the cafe too!

Love this cozy, vintage feel of this cafe.

Soup of the day was Mushroom and man, it's good and guess what? Only $3.60!

Quesadilla (6pcs) @ $5.90 (worth ordering!)

Japanese Seafood Salad @ $6.90
Super fresh prawns and awesome sauce. You have to try this.

Pork Cordon Bleu @ $10.90
Super generous portion and it's great.
Dennis totally enjoyed this.

Special of the day, Grilled Ribeye Steak @ $16.90
Seafood Agio Olio @ $8.90 
Kelvin found the noodles a little too tough but overall it was still awesome.

Walnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream @ $5.50
Very normal brownie and ice cream.

Breezers @ $3.80 each
Apple (wins)

Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream @ $5.90
Though the lava didn't really flow out but it was still good.


84 Bedok North Street 4
Singapore 460084

Opening hours: 
Tue - Thu: 11:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 23:00
Sun: 11:00 - 22:00
Closed: Mon

6445 1011 

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