Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dessert: Teddy & Me Cafe

I don't know bout you but I grew up watching Mr Bean and I definitely enjoyed it. I can't even recall how many episodes there are but I've watched countless.

So here's a little dessert place with his theme. Mr Bean's standee and his famous teddy bear and on every table there's an iPad looping his shows.

I would say that the menu is pretty decent for its variety of waffles, cakes to drinks and even proper dinner dishes. Since we came over after dinner, it was just drinks and cakes for us.

Had my usual Mocha, nothing fantastic but it was good. By the way, this is large and it's $6.50 I think. I can't recall but yeah, the small one is really small. Hahahaha. We intended to chill and relax so we got the bigger one.

I had a hard time deciding between lava cake or waffles (blueberry or classic) and in the end... I decided to go with waffles classic because blueberries ran out. I have to stress, I really love waffles and this one.. kinda disappointed me.

It wasn't tooooooo bad but it's quite like I'm eating a bread more than a waffle. It's too tough and not fragrant enough.

Strawberry Waffle with endless amount of cream

This pretty crepe is pretty good. But a little slice like this cost you $8.50 (I think) which I think is on the high side.

Classic Waffles $4.90

Served with butter and maple syrup... but well they can do better.


Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-207A S039594 

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sun 1000 - 2200

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cafe: Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar

At a corner of Marina Square you'd find this Dining Edition where it's all about food! There's Lady M, Manhattan, Bangkok Jam and many many more restaurants. This open concept cafe caught my attention and we decided to give it a try before heading over to the other side of Marina Square for Teddy & Me to have desserts.

With desserts in mind, we skipped the drinks and starters and dived into mains. (need to save some space you see.)

The menu wasn't extensive, but it's alright for us. I had a hard time trying to choose between a Pasta or all-day breakfast. In the end, I went with the all-day breakfast. I was tad disappointed.

M had this chicken sausage which was actually decent. But she got sick of it towards the end. I did tried a mouthful, it was not too bad. Portion looks small, and is small. Not recommended for big eaters.

Smoked Salmon Benedict $15

Both J and I got this Smoked Salmon Benedict and... I was disappointed because when I was first served with my first plate of smoke salmon benedict, my benedict.... burst. Even before I ate it.

I refuse to accept my poached eggs bursting even before touching it. So I asked for an exchange. They did exchange for me but unfortunately.. it wasn't really very good. My toast was bad. It was just like 'bread'.

Overall, sorry but no. I didn't enjoy myself and I didn't like the hollandise sauce either.

Probably once, and that's about it.

Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-105A, 

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sun 1100 - 2300


Sunday, September 7, 2014

House at Dempsey

Couple of weeks ago there was a little surprise for the birthday girl. Some special arrangements were made and man I would say the service is awesome.

Basically, the surprise was...

Birthday girl will be accompanied by le boyfriend to House at Dempsey with the mindset that it's just a dinner between the both of them. So when they arrived they were showed to a 2 seater to avoid suspicion. So after they were seated, we arrived shortly and went to the reception desk. All we had to do was to say le boyfriend name under the reserved name and immediately the staff knew what to do. They offered to take us through the back door so that we can appear magically and surprise the birthday girl. 

Of course the surprise was a major success and once we reach, they shifted us to a long table and transferred the orders for the couple and took our orders. 

Maybe to you it's no big deal but I feel that this are same gestures and preparation that not every restaurant bothers. House at Dempsey definitely did a great job and I ought to comment them for it. 

Of course not to mention, the food was awesome. Though the prices are slightly steep but for the entire experience and occasion, it's definitely worth to pamper yourself.

Enough of my yakking, here's the highlight... Which is the food!

Truffle Fries @ $12

Hanger Steak @ $36

Slightly beefy taste that I personally don't like it but the meat is really soft. Birthday girl definitely enjoyed this. 

Fish Basket @ $32

Watermelon Rush @ $8.50

Teh Latte @ $6

Ice Chocolate @ $7

American Slider @ $26

Squid Ink Paella @ $30

Okay, this is probably the only thing you should avoid. It was pretty bad that he didn't even want to finish it. 

Pork Ribs @ $29

You love pork ribs?  I totally love pork ribs and this-is-fucking-awesome. Okay I mean it's damn good and for the price you paid for the portion served is fantastic. 

The meat is really soft and the sauce was just... Too good. Okay I'm definitely missing this as I type. I will go back again for this ribs, really.

Jamica Pork Tender @ $27

Good choice but not recommend for big eaters. Portion is quite small. 

Asian Slider @ $26

A little twist but was good too 

Basically the food there was awesome, service is good just the location is a little off if you don't drive. Have a friend that's driving you? Consider this place for a special occasion or birthday!


8D Dempsey Road 
Singapore 249672

Opening hours: 
Mon - Thu: 12:00 - 23:00
Fri: 12:00 - 00:00
Sat: 11:00 - 00:00
Sun: 09:00 - 23:00


Social Media: 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Travelogue: 2D1N trip to Kukup Resort, Malaysia

Over the weekend just last week I took a break from this bustling city to a laid back, relaxed and technology-less place.

My aunt booked this resort from this owner that provides a package service. 

What's included in this package? Well according to what I had experienced... A 17-seater chartered bus for us to and fro (there were 13 of us leaving from Singapore), lunch at the seafood restaurant right bside Kukup Ferry Terminal, tea break, BBQ dinner, supper and breakfast by the owner of the resort. Everything for per pax $100! It'd pretty worthwhile I would say. 

There were roughly about 20-23 of us including kids. I don't think kids have special rates, it should be the same as adults. 

The pick up location was at Ang Mo Kio, the bus stop right opposite of Jubilee Square. We met up at 8:45am and the bus was so late that he only came at close to 9:45am. That driver was such a blur cock that I was so worried that I would get lost in Malaysia. 

There was a slight jam while on the way in via the woodlands checkpoint but thankfully the bus lane was smooth and we avoided the congestion. 

Side track.. I think I too long never go Malaysia already, the renovated check point looks quite chio. Hahahahaha. 

Roughly bout an hours' ride, we arrived at the entrance of the Kukup Ferry Terminal. 

Just right beside facing the entrance, that's where we had our lunch that was included in the package. The food was pretty sucky but edible. There's practically nothing much in the area except some random convenient stores. 

What I regret the most in this trip is not grabbing the chips I wanted before taking a good 15-20 minutes walk under the scorching hot sun to my resort through this narrow, 2 way path that has no barricades at the side. 

There's a store just within the restaurant that we ate but that place doesn't have really decent snacks. If you want snacks, further down the road on your left (when your back is facing the ferry terminal entrance) you should see another store that sells freshly baked pastries. That store has much better choices of snacks. Don't expect to see Calbee or Nachos but maybe you can find some cuttlefishes and lobster prawn crackers. 

I though that we could walk out later to get some snacks but... The walk was so long that cousins and I decided to make do with whatever the owner fed us with. 

So finally.. We walked and walked and walked until we were almost at the end of the trail and finally reached our destination. 

I took a video to show you the entire resort but just ignore those people inside hahahaa. 

Super big resort that can easily house 20 people. But of course it's not sound proof so... The KTV sessions went on till 3am.. Technically I didn't really get much sleep.

If you would like fishing, you can get the owner to help you with renting some rods. I have no idea how much they were as my uncle paid for them. I had my fair share of fun trying to fish even though I didn't actually caught anything that I could keep. I managed to catch a couple of puffer fishes that we let go thereafter and a mini catfish.

My uncle being really experienced taught us some tricks and tips for fishing. That's... Basically how I spent my noon there. While my mom, my aunts and cousins were either singing KTV or playing mahjong. 

At about 3/4pm, tea break was served. Some really awesome prawn crackers, curry chicken with bread and green bean soup. The curry and prawn crackers were good but the green bean was tad bland. I didn't like it though.

At bout 7/8pm, dinner was served! Definitely the highlight for the trip because the BBQ dinner was really good. (So sorry I forgot to take photos but I guarantee it was the best meal for the entire trip!) The owners hired people to BBQ for us so all we had to do was eat. 

There were sambal stingray, sambal sotong, muar otah, BBQ wings, hotdog, fish cake, nuggets, satay, cabbages, grass jelly and guava as dessert. Sumptuous dinner indeed! 

Since it was national day in Malaysia, our neighbouring resorts were firing crackers and fireworks while we sit back and enjoy free show. Hahahaa. 

So the night of mahjong, KTV, fishing continued until it was 12midnight and supper was served. Bee boon which my cousin said it was not bad but I didn't try cause I wasn't exactly hungry. 

I ended my night at 1am but because the KTV went on till 3am... I was tossing and turning so I had no idea how long did I actually sleep. 

Anyway if you are wondering... The KTV happened within our resort because they were friends and families of my aunt's workers. 

Breakfast was served at 8am and I was the last to eat. I was so shagged out that I couldn't get out of bed but man, everyone that slept lesser woke up and finished their breakfast by the time I went to eat at 9am!

Breakfast provided had a wide variety that includes roti prata, wanton mee, nasi lemak, kuehs, soy bean and coffee. I had the prata and it was bad, maybe because it was already cold but the curry was bad so I didn't liked it. But I heard feedback that the wanton mee was good. Soy bean was good though. 

We checked out at 10am and took the ferry to a nearby Kelong. Took a little tour on the Kelong before heading back to the terminal. 

Everything on the Kelong was much more expensive so no one got anything. 

Back on land, I felt so much better hahahaha. Waited for the same bus that brought us from Singapore to head for lunch at this supposedly famous Bak Kut Teh place called Ah Feng. 

It's pretty average to me because it's herbal and I'm not a big fan of herbal BKT. The other dishes were decent though. 

From the eatery we headed back to Singapore and back to the same pick up spot. That sums up my entire Kukup trip. For everything that we had experienced was within the 'package' that the owner provides. Around the same area there are a lot of different resorts with different services. I heard some don't provide full package which means you have to find your own food and all. Which at that area it's almost in possible because there's practically nothing.

I felt that the entire trip was like a 'disconnection' for me mainly due to the fact that there was no wifi provided. My cousins and I gave up trying to locate the internet and we all enjoyed the internet-less 2 days. Sometimes getting disconnected from the internet is a good break for yourself. You end up talking to the people around you then those who are so far away from you. We ended up watching TV together on the sofa, singing songs or just taking a walk around the resort looking at the muddy waters. Or you could just stare at the fishing rods and anticipate for fishes to bite while talking about the future or the past. 

I had a good catch up with my cousins. Maybe it wasn't exactly rejuvenating because of the fact I didn't get to sleep much but it was definitely a relaxed trip to just leave your brains behind for a day and not worry about anything. 

If you are interested in this resort, and the owner have total 3 different places, you can contact him directly.