Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cafe: I Am... Cafe

Halal cafes are hard to find in Singapore, let alone good ones. We made a trip over to I Am cafe on a weekday night and thank goodness we managed to get a seat after queuing for bout 5-10 minutes.

It's an open concept cafe without air-conditioning (well to me there wasn't any aircon) and it's by the right side. Slightly humid but it was bearable.

Not only the food was great, the service deserves special mention as well. Even though there's absolutely nothing much that the cafe could do about the humid weather in Singapore, but they tried their best to ensure we weren't feeling too stuffy/uncomfortable. Food was served within 15 minutes and all the staff there are really friendly.

Someone had their birthday celebration there and the entire kitchen crew sang out loud for that customers - which I thought was pretty homely feel.

Overall, I enjoyed the food and I'm inclined to go back and try their other dishes together with desserts this time round.

Wanted to try their speciality drinks but decided to give it a miss because we're heading for desserts later on. $2.50

House brewed Ice Lemon Tea @ $3.50

Juicy Beef Burger @ $13.90

Awesome burger with good fries, love this!

Chicken Sausage Pasta x Aglio Olio @ $13.90

It was definitely a happy and satisfying meal. Oh, they don't take reservations so be prepare to queue if you're there after 7pm. It's quite a long queue by the way. :)


674 North Bridge Road 
Singapore 188804

Opening hours: 
Closed on Mondays
Sun - Thu 1100 to 2300
Fri - Sat 1100 to 0100

No reservations

Social Media: 


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