Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cafe: Mamashop @ Pearl Hill Terrance

So I have been wanting to check out a cafe that our local celebrities opened up just a while ago. It was kind of inconvenient but we decided to go anyway for our mini Christmas celebration last year. Took a long walk from Chinatown MRT before reaching the cafe.

Well.. Maybe I got my hopes too high and didn't read enough reviews because I was tad disappointed when we were there that day. There was literally no shop front. Tables and chairs were just placed infront of the kitchen. Minimal fans and.. thankfully it was drizzling that day so it wasn't exactly humid. So if it had been a blazing hot day... I think I will probably die there.

There... Really, small. 

Sora Ma's fans were gathered there that day as they had a celebration later at night which we were pretty lucky to have witnessed.

Cute menu which I like. But the menu was really limited and the portion is really small too. We had to each order a main plus sides.

Total we had 3 drinks, 1 to share, 3 mains, 2 desserts and because that day was pre-dong zi (which in chinese it's like pre "winter") so they gave us free rice balls too.

Italian Peach Soda @ $3.90

Okaasan Waffle @ $4.90
Unfortunately.. the best amongst all we have ordered. Seaweed chicken and waffles plus bonito flakes, can't go wrong I guess?

Messy Messy Nice Nice Mama Burger @ $10.90
Supposedly their signature but... it wasn't up to what I expected. Dry and.. yeah.

Happy Peppy Seafood Burger @ $16.90
Not worth the price tag, it was just average..

Salted Caramel Cake @ $7.90
This was tad slightly better then the rainbow cake below, but... just don't waste calories.

Rainbow Cake @ $8.90
Probably the worst I've ever eaten and plus, it was so hard and dry like it was left out open for days. Really disappointed to have paid $8.90 for this. We didn't finish any of the cakes.

I guess the only consolation apart from the long walk, the not-so-good food and cramped seats.. was seeing Sora Ma live. We didn't go up to interrupt their celebration but I could understand why Sora's fan club is willing to do so much for her. She's really pretty not just on TV, and she's really close with her fans.

Can you spot Sora helping?

I like Sora in her shows even though I'm not a die-hard fan. But... this cafe, you should skip it unless you're here to solely show you support. 

Just my honest opinions. You could have different ones. :)

Old Police Operational Headquarters
195 Pearl Hill Terrace
Singapore 168976

Opening hours: 
Daily 1200 - 2200
Fri & Sat 2300


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