Monday, January 12, 2015

Cafe: Refuel @ Bedok Reservoir

Here's another quiet cafe in the East! Located near Bedok Reservoir you'd be able to find this small cafe, Refuel. The cafe isn't very big - roughly about 30 seats? Or maybe 35 at the max. Big groups aren't really ideal here, 4 is about the right size. We arrived slightly passed 7pm and the cafe was already fully occupied. Thankfully the boy made reservations or I'd probably be grumbling away hahaha.

Got a little cozy seat by the corner.

Average variety on the menu for you to choose. Desserts menu were displayed at the cashier and nothing looked interesting enough for me to try, so I gave it a miss.

Hot Chocolate @ $5.20

Nice latte art but, I think it's just average. Cocoa not very, very delicious.

Passionfruit Soda @ $5.90

Tried one mouthful of it cause I was afraid it being sour, but it was manageable.

REFUEL Pancake with Smoked Salmon @ $11.90

Good scramble eggs, mediocre pancakes. Average dish. 

Pulled Pork Burger @ $12.90

Supposed to be their specialty but I found it pretty, normal. The meat is cold by the way. But the boy liked it better then I did.

A pretty average kind of cafe that serves decent food with decent prices but not a place that I'd go like - I'm coming back but it's not wasting my money here.

Reservoir Village 
744 Bedok Reservoir Road

Opening hours: 
Close on Tuesdays
Daily 1100 - 2200


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