Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cafe: Tian Kee @ Dakota

The one reason that I wanted to come here was because of their beautiful rainbow cheesecake. Really, that was the one and only reason enough to make me move my ass all the way to Dakota. I must say there is nothing, absolutely nothing else surrounding Tian Kee but the cafe. The entire estate is so peaceful that I wondered if any residents were staying there.

It was about 8 minutes slow walk from Dakota MRT without any shelter till Tian Kee cafe which has no air-con. On a super hot day, I think I'd go crazy but thankfully that Saturday while we were there, god was tad nice to make it cloudy with bits of raindrop - I mean light drizzle for like 10 minutes hahaha.

While I was earlier then my date for that day, I took some shots of the place and... I'm so silly to have left the place without taking the shopfront. Sorry, but I think a lot of people would have already taken it hahahaha.

Anyway, they don't take reservations and the entire cafe is pretty small. No more than 35 seats I suppose? Gotta try your luck while you're there.

Don't know if anyone really does any exchanges but it's loaded with books.

Decent variety on the menu for you to pick.

There, a peaceful Saturday afternoon. Breezy and cloudy. 

French Vanilla with Rose $5 a mini kettle. I thought the presentation was rather cute and refreshing.

Very Berry (Ribena with Fresh Milk) $6 looks normal but actually was pretty good.

Tian Kee Eggs Beauregard $14.90 

Tian Kee Eggs Royale $14.90

I totally love the cheese sauce on top. Even though it wasn't poached eggs but it was good enough.

The legendary rainbow cheesecake that I was tad disappointed when the plate came with crumbles. :( 
Good for sharing among 2! $6.50

Toffee Salted caramel Cheesecake which was equally good but of course, if you only have one choice, you know what to choose. $6.50

I had a really hard time deciding what I want to order for mains even though the menu wasn't that extensive. I am definitely looking at going back to try out their big breakfast and another slice of rainbow to spice up my day.


12 Dakota Crescent
Singapore 390012

Opening hours: 
Closed on Mondays
Weekdays noon to 1900/ 2100 (Friday)
Weekends 1000 to 2100 (Saturday) /2000 (Sunday)

Doesn't take any

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  1. Hi! Sorry to have commented here because I was worried that you wouldn't be able to see comments on past blog posts :/ I kinda saw your post about your journey in SSDC, and I wanna ask, did you take the classroom lessons like in the theory timetable before the BTT and FTT? In your opinion would it make a difference...? Thanks!

    1. Hi there,

      No worries, all old post I would be able to see comments :)
      I did not take the theory timetable lessons as back then I was studying part time and working full time, I didn't really had the time. In my opinion, just be self discipline enough to study on your own you'd be fine. Or get the answer and question booklet to test yourself. Going to class is just someone making sure you are discipline, so if you can, don't waste time/money just try to study at your own comfort and time. :)