Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cafe: Twenty Grammes

Tucked at a quiet corner just about 5-10 minutes walk down from I Am Cafe, you'd be able to find Twenty Grammes, a waffle/dessert cafe.

Right after I Am Cafe, we headed over for dessert at this quiet place. I liked how quiet it was on a Wednesday night. We didn't make any reservations and there was ample seats.

A decent selection of ice cream flavours which I had a hard time deciding and eventually I went with my favourite berries flavoured ice cream with waffles!

$12.50 for everything you see here.

I loved my berries, while she enjoyed her caramel. Loved that soft and fluffy texture of the waffle. If the outer waffle could be tad more crispy, it'd be better. But how it is, it's good enough.

For sure, she's definitely coming back again for another waffle indulgence.


753 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198721

Opening hours: 
Daily 1200 to 2200
Fri & Sat till 0100


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