Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thai Food: Korat Thai Cafe @ Orchard Towers

Whenever I ask my friends for good Thai food recommendation, I always hear "the one at Orchard Towers" but I've never been there. So thanks to the boys, I finally made a trip there.

Orchard Towers is well known for - well their pubs and etc.. I shall not go into details. It was intact my first time at the cafe, and the first time stepping into Orchard Towers. Of course those that were standing outside the pubs ignored me, but I still felt slightly uneasy.

We made a reservation and I'm glad we did because even before the shop opened at 7pm, people were already waiting! And the photo below shows how much seats there is. And that's all. So better make reservations or you'd end up waiting!

I am so sorry, I forgot to take whats inside, so you come and surprise yourself okay?!

I didn't look much at the menu because of the boys came before a couple of times so he did most of the ordering for us. It was all delicious, including the Thai Milk Tea. I must say the first time I tried Thai Milk Tea, I didn't really like it because of the aftertaste, but the one I had a Korat, it was just right and I actually changed my perception about Thai Milk Tea. Probably I'd only drink the one at Korat. Hahahaha!

Everything that we ate, you must try okay! It's really good!

Clear seafood Tom Yum Soup for 4 @ $10.90

Finished up every single last bit of the soup. Too-too-yummeh.

Spicy Kang Kong @ $7.90

Not too spicy in my opinion, could use more chilli but it's good like this too.

Chicken Omelette @ $8.90

This, is a MUST-HAVE. Omelette so crispy and awesome that we're all fighting for it. Super big portion for 3 boys and me. Awesome, you have to eat this!

Okay, doesn't look very chio but trust me, your taste bud will tell you it's gorgeous.

Pad Thai @ $6.50

Beef Pad Thai, not too bad. I like how the noodles are soft. Beef was good too. Good to order if you're not sharing. Actually sharing also can order, just like us. Hahaha.

Sweet & Sour Pork @ $10.90

This is one decent dish that was delicious too!

The prices are really reasonable and the food is just so good. I'm looking forward to going back there again should I have any cravings for Thai cuisine!


Orchard Towers
400 Orchard Road
Singapore 238875

Opening hours: 
Daily 6pm to 3am


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