Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Travelogue: Beef Noodle 牛店 (Taiwan)

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I was so damn lucky because this famous and awesome beef noodle store was literally stone's throw distance from my guesthouse in Taipei! I was staying at Ximen Station, and it's at 111 Kunming Street and this store was just a few minutes walking distance. 

Usually the store opens at 11am and closes at about 8pm. Since we stay nearby, we always see queues anytime in the day. We managed to only eat it once (even though the boy wanted to eat it again before we go, we didn't had the chance to) and we had to wait for about 10 minutes before we were seated. To get yourself a seat, you need to write your name on a board hung around the handle of the door at the entrance. Once you're done, you wait to be called. (which I assume you can walk around then come back again but of course we just stood there and wait.) Being tourist, we asked how could we order and what to do so the staff told us to look at the board (no pictures at all) and select what we wanted to eat. Only give it to them upon being called for our turn.

Here it is! The signboard!

I think this is their special chilli which I didn't try because the original taste was awesome enough. Usually I take chilli in Singapore whenever the food doesn't taste good enough.

A simple harmless looking bowl of noodles which is god-damn-awesome.

For 1 big bowl and 1 small bowl, it's NT$370 (SGD$16)

The place is rather small and not spacious. We got a seat that we had to face the wall and with all our bags and heavy coats.. Aiyo, no space to even stretch my arms wide. But it was all worth it as the food was really good. I enjoy that bowl of noodles, very very much. That I'd definitely go back again in my future trips!

If you're a beef noodle lover, you ought to NOT miss this place! And I mean it. EAT.


Opening hours:
1100 to 2100 (but usually sold out by 2000)


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