Friday, January 23, 2015

Zhi Char: Two Chef Eating Place @ Commonwealth

I was so relieved that my friends reserved seats and were earlier then us because the queue was crazily long! Really, like barely 7pm and the queue was 15 people at least in queue!

Dishes were decided by my friends that came before so whatever we've ordered as the awesome ones you should try!

Drunken Cockles 醉蛤

Good appetizer which is fresh!

Herbal Chicken 药材鸡汤

I am not a fan of herbal chickens but this is good. You should give this a try. We had 10 people so we ordered 2 of this, 1 is good for 5.

Fried Shredded Yam香炒芋头

Honey Fried Chicken 蜜汁鸡

Another of my favourite!

Salted Egg Prawn (de-shelled) 咸蛋虾(去壳)

Usually doesn't come deshelled, you have to request for it if you want to.

Butter Ribs 牛油排骨

This is their popular dish which for me... I think it's okay but not something I would go super wow over but the concept is very interesting. Milk powder and pork? Hmmm. Anyway it's still good for you to try, and re-try!

Three Egg Vegetable 三蛋时菜

One of my favourite, there's alot eggs and vegetables in this!

Basically, a great zhi char place with affordable pricing, it's about $16 per pax for us (forgot the individual prices already). Definitely heading back again, and perhaps even try out the other outlet at Sin Ming - and my friend actually told me there is even better then Commonwealth's. So I shall try and let you know!

Commonwealth Outlet:
116 Commonwealth Crescent #01-129
Singapore 140116

Sin Ming Outlet:
409 Sin Ming Avenue #02-01
Singapore 507409

Opening hours: 
Commonwealth Outlet:
Mon 1700 - 2330
Tue - Sun 1130 - 1430
Tue - Sun 1700 - 2330
Closed on Every Last Mon of the Month

Sin Ming Outlet:
Daily 1100 - 2230

6472 5361 (Commonwealth)
6451 3812 (Sin Ming)

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