Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cafe: Esette Cafe @ Duxton Road

Just a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon this really quiet and cozy cafe when the initial cafe we wanted to go was closed. Situated right beside Group Therapy, you can find this attractive cafe - looks rather cozy from outside and that was what attractive me to take a look inside at their menu.

We had our mains just nearby before we went in search for dessert and a chill out place so we skipped the mains (actually they look pretty decent based on the menu, so perhaps I will go back there again to try) and tried out their waffle and cake with some coffee and tea.

I'm not a coffee person so I usually go for the slush or tea. So that night, I wanted something more relaxing, I had a berry-ish tea which smelt so fragrant that my cafe buddy for the night kept eyeing on my drink - but of course I refuse to share hahahahaha.

Since we're not having mains so we're seated comfortably at the sofa seats.

Red Velvet Cake $6.90

I must really say that this may look ordinary but it-was-awesome. I would go back for another red velvet, definitely. Moist, not too creamy and just right.

Waffle with Ice Cream $10.50

Looks ordinary too but it was quite crispy - but a little too tad crispy. G enjoyed it more then I did though, but it's not too bad. I would pass this.

It was really a good find, and I am glad that Group Therapy was closed that night - else I would never have found out this place. I liked how cozy the entire cafe felt and plus the service deserves praises. They do sell some gifts like tea cups/cups by the counter. I just briefly glanced while I was making payment so I didn't really look at the prices.

You probably will hear me going back again for their rainbow cake (which I didn't get to try because I chose the red velvet this time) and their brunch mains that looks decent.

Need a quiet place to chit-chat/chill? You've got to head over to Esette Cafe.

47 Duxton Road
Singapore 089511

Opening hours: 
Weekdays - 1200 to 2100
Weekends - 1200 to 2100
Public Holidays - Closed

6221 5775

Social Media: 


On a side note, I've been really neglecting my blog that the readership has dropped terribly :( I'm in my finals this semester and this January/February is just way-too-crazily-packed. Sighpie and I'm due to fly 6 days from now. Oh, I'm heading to Korea but on tour this time round so... Good news is I don't have to be stressed up over it, bad news it I don't get my freedom and no more subway jingles for me to hear. :(

I have like tons of drafts in my blog and I just really-can't-find-any-more-time. My finals preparation just for the classes itself is draining every ounce of my cells out. I'm so exhausted everyday after work then coming home to do my notes before trying to hit the bed by midnight everyday just so I have enough rest. 

I decided to choose the shortest post I can make do to do a short update on this quiet place. Don't abandon me okay? I'd be back as soon as.. I'm done with my case notes preparations.

Till then folks! Probably the next post would be.. Either when I'm too bored on the 7 hours flight over to Korea, or when I'm at Jeju Island with nothing better to do. Then again, I would be rushing my assignments while I'm on my trip too. F-M-L.

Ciao, good nights everyone.


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