Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cafe: Sinpopo Brand @ Joo Chiat

Heard of this place long time ago but never had the chance to go until it became a surprise and memorable night there - well not exactly because of the ambiance or the food but more like the occasion and the companion.

I had my first celebration for my #pepperminter25 this year with #upthere at Sinpopo, Joo Chiat. It wasn't told to me where I was going so I was totally surprised when we went there. Happy me settled down and looked through the menu - which to me isn't exactly super extensive but I think it's decent enough. There were 10 of us so we made reservations. Given a seat nearest to the washroom though. :/ But it's okay, it felt like a little corner for us.

Well, after the entire celebration, my friends told me that they want to get me some other cakes other then the ones from Awfully Chocolate but because Sinpopo was kind of inflexible and refuse to let us bring outside cakes, they could only make do with the tarts/cakes from Awfully Chocolate. (they could be more flexible though)

It replaced my used to be favourite EverythingWithFries (then) but now it's getting overpriced and the food isn't as good as it was before so I kinda stopped going, unless I have strong craving for their Nutella Tart - which is still awesome but so expensive!

A little glaring but I hope you can see it.

Very Berry Tea $7

I thought this was pretty nice spoon, for the baked salmon.

Sinpopo Teh Tari $5

Latte $7

C's coffee was sourish and we requested to change it because my personal coffee expert says the beans were burnt hence the sourish taste. Well, luckily they replaced else minus another 20 points from them. Hahahahaha.

Sambal Fishballs $6

Decent balls but not really worth the money but the sambal was good.

Ma Ling Luncheon $6

This 'sold out' to us like hot cakes. Everyone's eyeing on this! This is good snack, can have it with beer or something.

Baked Salmon $16

Yes, very small portion and tad too salty.

Pan Seared Beef Hor Fun $16

Conclusion, skip this. No good. Stick to wet hor fun okay?

Roasted potatoes $6

Har Jeong Kai Burger $16

This was the best, and personally I couldn't finish it too. Everyone agree this was good, and the rest was really meh.

Crispy Pork Belly $16

This was passable but might be too small portion for guys.

Chargrilled Pork $20

Well, just decent.

458 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427671

Opening hours: 
Closed - Mondays
Tue - Thurs & Sun 1200 to 2200
Fri - Sat - 1200 to 0000


6345 5034

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