Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cafe: The Lokal

Been terribly busy with my finals this few months and finally I have a week break from it and here I am slotting in a post that has been overdue almost a month. Unfortunately for me, I haven't got the time to go cafe hops neither have much dinner dates with my loved ones ever since February came along. I didn't even had the time to do about my Korea trip that I went in February this year - not to mention my Taiwan trip was also.. halfway there.

I hope to visit more cafes in the next month but I guess it'd be slightly tough because of my stupid finals... Well, we'd see how it goes.


Have always heard about Lokal. and so I'm here. The menu is a little disappointing, pretty limited but I guess people go there for drinks and not really to get their tummy filled.

Though the menu was limited, the food was pleasantly decent. We skipped the dessert and went to have waffles instead.

Slipper Lobster Linguine $25

Small portion but it was just right for me.

Grilled Pork Chop $25

Cape Grim Sirloin Tagliata $28

I must say this was good too.

In my opinion, it's expensive and limited variety. Unless you're here for a drink, else I guess you could have better food somewhere else with a better price. Still, a good dinning overall experience for me.

I came here for a good dinner birthday celebration so... it wasn't that suitable with the limited menu and dessert. We were driving so no drinks for us. 

136 Neil Road
Singapore 088865

Opening hours: 
Mon 0800 to 1800
Tues - Fri 0800 to 2230
Sat 0900 to 2230
Sun 0900 to 1600

6423 9918

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Friday, March 20, 2015


SPRMKRT is nothing new to you cafe goers and I'm sure I'm sure slow-poke to visit this place. I've always heard about the truffle fries here and finally got the chance to try.

Unfortunately except for the fries, I don't see any other reasons for returns, even though they are nett price (another of my favourite but...) you'd know why.

Truffle Fries w Kelp $12

As good as it has been raved about but the portion is a tad too small, good for 3/4 pax sharing.

Eggs Royale $17

Wasn't too bad except that the salmon was way too salty. 

Sausages and Mash $17

Mash was good, sausages had no complains.

Chicken Breast Burger $18

Chicken breast so dry.... you get sick of it. Fries tasted like they stole it from Macdonalds! Hahhahaha

Wagyu Burger $25

Beef burger that my friends ate and when like... "BURGER KING BURGER KING!" Well, when 1 person says that, you doubt it, but when 3 people agrees, you believe it. Hahah!

The English Breakfast $25

Decently good portion with the bacon way too tough and dry.

Something which I thought was cute but I only saw this after I ordered my boring drink :(

Basically.. I would honestly only go once and maybe not a second. The prices are okay just that it's not really worth it. Travelling all the way there with difficult parking but mediocre food. 

Well, if you haven't tried and ain't so picky, you could cause we might share different taste. :)

2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043

Opening hours: 
Mon & Tue 0800 to 2100
Wed - Fri 0800 to 2300
Sat & Sun 0900 to 1800

6221 2105

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Cafe: Selfish Gene Patisseries

Just a couple of days back we stumbled upon this new patisserie cafe opened by the same owner with a entirely different concept. I have always wanted to try out Selfish Gene Cafe but never had the chance to. Somehow we ventured our way here and decided to try out this patisserie cafe while in search for good desserts after an average dinner.

There's only 7 desserts on the menu, not very extensive but... trust me, we enjoyed every dessert we had. (and guess what, the very next day my friends went back to Selfish Gene again and while I was hanging out with another bunch of friends, I wanted to bring them here too!) 

Honestly, the prices are quite steep, but you need to be here to understand why it's worth the money spent.

Service was remarkably good as the server even explained to us what we were eating and he knew we were intending to share the dessert, he recommended to serve base on the flavor from light to strong.

So according to the list, lime lychee is the lighest flavor while chocolate is the heaviest so placed the last on the list.

Lime Lychee $12

Really cute presentation and the lighting was awesome for photo taking hahahahhaa.

It's a little sour so I can't comment much on it as I'm not a fan of sour stuff. But it was well loved by everyone else on the table with me.

Pineapple $12

I skipped the pineapple, but the cake and ice cream was good.

Soya $14

The pink mochi was super awesome and it's made in house! You can't find it anywhere else. Green tea ice cream was good too just that the cheesecake on the other side wasn't that popular. Not everyone could take it.

Chocolate $14

Lastly the chocolate that would never go wrong. Quite sweet but definitely very shiok.

From what we know, at the time when we were here, it was only 2 weeks old, so by the time you're reading this, I'm sure it should be about 1 month old or more haahahhahaa.

If you need good dessert and don't mind paying for the quality, you ought to come here.

40 Craig Road
Singapore 089678

Opening hours: 
Closed on Mon & Tue
Wed - Sun 1200 to 1700
Fri & Sat 1800 to 2200

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Friday, March 13, 2015

The Naked Finn @ GIllman Barracks

Sometime last year we wanted to try out this place for Kor's birthday but in the end we couldn't because it was closed. So this year on my birthday, Kor decided to take a trip there again.

Probably the best decision he has made because it was pretty decently delicious. Love the ambiance, the service and the food. Though it's not the kind of usual pricing for food I would go for but once in awhile for special occasion as such is fine.

Photos are all credited to Kelvin Li.

Calpis $9

Peach Cocktail $22
Supposedly mine but I didn't really liked it so Kor exchanged his Calpis with me hahahha.

Cold Kang Kong

4 kinds of seasoning from sweet, spicy and sour.

Pear Cocktail $23

Trust me, it looks nothing close to delicious but this was really, really good.


Thanks to being the birthday girl, I had 4 of this. So de-li-cious.

The set that we ordered only came with 2 of these, so we had to separately top up one to make it 3.

Additional Atlantic Scallop $26 (One)

Fish, would never go wrong. Totally enjoyed this.

Super huge and fresh prawns!

Iberico Secreto (Pork) $30

We thought the portions would be too little hence we even ordered another pork dish but ended up having a hard time trying to finish everything!

Naked Chendol $13

3 of us shared this refreshing chendol. Expensive but worth the price once in awhile.

Basically the entire dining experience was wonderful (also to a certain extend I would expect good service because we're paying quite a bit.) For the set it's $138++ and for those additional drinks and add ons not included. Total bill was almost $300 (if I haven't remembered wrongly)

Seats are pretty limited so it's best to reserve.

Anyway, back in January they mentioned that they will be moving to a bigger space, so while I am typing this they probably have already shifted over.

If you need a place for special occasions, you could come here!

41 Malan Road
Gillman Barracks
Singapore 109454

Opening hours: 
Closed on Sundays
Lunch - Mon to Fri 1200 to 1400
Brunch - Sat 1200 to 1500
Dinner - Mon to Thurs 1800 to 2200
Fri & Sat 1800 to 2215 (2 seatings)

6694 0807
(Call between 1400 to 1800)

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