Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cafe: Ciel Patisseries @ Hougang

School and work has been draining me out so I'm so sorry for the lack of post! I promise to try and catch up with the post I've missed out. :(


So this very quiet and small pastry cafe is right below the neighbourhood in Hougang. I went on a Saturday night and it was very very quiet. Basically just us and another family there.

The selection is decent and the portion is just right for high-tea or after meal dessert.

The chocolate looking one was supposedly 'to-try' and I got the peach to lighten the chocolate-y taste just in case the chocolate is too sweet.

Peache - $4.60

Totally love this peach tart so I packed one home for le mom at home too! For a peach lover, this is yes! Good to go and try this if you like something not too sweet!

Bome - $5.80

Okay la, I know this picture very gross but ya this is how it looks like inside. Tad too sweet for my liking because it's like a shitload of chocolate as you can see from inside out. Feels like I've gotta run 42km for this chocolate pastry.

Lychee Tea $2.80

Soda $2.80

Quiche - $3.20

Savoury is still the best sometimes. Well, it's a good mixture of salty, sweet and terribly sweet. Hahahaha.

If you're staying nearby or you drive, you could drive by here for some quiet cafe chill out with decent pastries. Prices are good especially for the drinks. 


124 Hougang Avenue 1
Singapore 530124

Opening hours: 
Closed on Mondays
Tues - Thurs 1100 to 2000
Fri & Sat 1100 to 2100
Sun 1500 to 2100

Social Media: 

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