Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cafe: The Lokal

Been terribly busy with my finals this few months and finally I have a week break from it and here I am slotting in a post that has been overdue almost a month. Unfortunately for me, I haven't got the time to go cafe hops neither have much dinner dates with my loved ones ever since February came along. I didn't even had the time to do about my Korea trip that I went in February this year - not to mention my Taiwan trip was also.. halfway there.

I hope to visit more cafes in the next month but I guess it'd be slightly tough because of my stupid finals... Well, we'd see how it goes.


Have always heard about Lokal. and so I'm here. The menu is a little disappointing, pretty limited but I guess people go there for drinks and not really to get their tummy filled.

Though the menu was limited, the food was pleasantly decent. We skipped the dessert and went to have waffles instead.

Slipper Lobster Linguine $25

Small portion but it was just right for me.

Grilled Pork Chop $25

Cape Grim Sirloin Tagliata $28

I must say this was good too.

In my opinion, it's expensive and limited variety. Unless you're here for a drink, else I guess you could have better food somewhere else with a better price. Still, a good dinning overall experience for me.

I came here for a good dinner birthday celebration so... it wasn't that suitable with the limited menu and dessert. We were driving so no drinks for us. 

136 Neil Road
Singapore 088865

Opening hours: 
Mon 0800 to 1800
Tues - Fri 0800 to 2230
Sat 0900 to 2230
Sun 0900 to 1600

6423 9918

Social Media: 

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