Monday, March 16, 2015

Cafe: Selfish Gene Patisseries

Just a couple of days back we stumbled upon this new patisserie cafe opened by the same owner with a entirely different concept. I have always wanted to try out Selfish Gene Cafe but never had the chance to. Somehow we ventured our way here and decided to try out this patisserie cafe while in search for good desserts after an average dinner.

There's only 7 desserts on the menu, not very extensive but... trust me, we enjoyed every dessert we had. (and guess what, the very next day my friends went back to Selfish Gene again and while I was hanging out with another bunch of friends, I wanted to bring them here too!) 

Honestly, the prices are quite steep, but you need to be here to understand why it's worth the money spent.

Service was remarkably good as the server even explained to us what we were eating and he knew we were intending to share the dessert, he recommended to serve base on the flavor from light to strong.

So according to the list, lime lychee is the lighest flavor while chocolate is the heaviest so placed the last on the list.

Lime Lychee $12

Really cute presentation and the lighting was awesome for photo taking hahahahhaa.

It's a little sour so I can't comment much on it as I'm not a fan of sour stuff. But it was well loved by everyone else on the table with me.

Pineapple $12

I skipped the pineapple, but the cake and ice cream was good.

Soya $14

The pink mochi was super awesome and it's made in house! You can't find it anywhere else. Green tea ice cream was good too just that the cheesecake on the other side wasn't that popular. Not everyone could take it.

Chocolate $14

Lastly the chocolate that would never go wrong. Quite sweet but definitely very shiok.

From what we know, at the time when we were here, it was only 2 weeks old, so by the time you're reading this, I'm sure it should be about 1 month old or more haahahhahaa.

If you need good dessert and don't mind paying for the quality, you ought to come here.

40 Craig Road
Singapore 089678

Opening hours: 
Closed on Mon & Tue
Wed - Sun 1200 to 1700
Fri & Sat 1800 to 2200

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