Friday, March 20, 2015


SPRMKRT is nothing new to you cafe goers and I'm sure I'm sure slow-poke to visit this place. I've always heard about the truffle fries here and finally got the chance to try.

Unfortunately except for the fries, I don't see any other reasons for returns, even though they are nett price (another of my favourite but...) you'd know why.

Truffle Fries w Kelp $12

As good as it has been raved about but the portion is a tad too small, good for 3/4 pax sharing.

Eggs Royale $17

Wasn't too bad except that the salmon was way too salty. 

Sausages and Mash $17

Mash was good, sausages had no complains.

Chicken Breast Burger $18

Chicken breast so dry.... you get sick of it. Fries tasted like they stole it from Macdonalds! Hahhahaha

Wagyu Burger $25

Beef burger that my friends ate and when like... "BURGER KING BURGER KING!" Well, when 1 person says that, you doubt it, but when 3 people agrees, you believe it. Hahah!

The English Breakfast $25

Decently good portion with the bacon way too tough and dry.

Something which I thought was cute but I only saw this after I ordered my boring drink :(

Basically.. I would honestly only go once and maybe not a second. The prices are okay just that it's not really worth it. Travelling all the way there with difficult parking but mediocre food. 

Well, if you haven't tried and ain't so picky, you could cause we might share different taste. :)

2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043

Opening hours: 
Mon & Tue 0800 to 2100
Wed - Fri 0800 to 2300
Sat & Sun 0900 to 1800

6221 2105

Social Media: 

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