Friday, March 13, 2015

The Naked Finn @ GIllman Barracks

Sometime last year we wanted to try out this place for Kor's birthday but in the end we couldn't because it was closed. So this year on my birthday, Kor decided to take a trip there again.

Probably the best decision he has made because it was pretty decently delicious. Love the ambiance, the service and the food. Though it's not the kind of usual pricing for food I would go for but once in awhile for special occasion as such is fine.

Photos are all credited to Kelvin Li.

Calpis $9

Peach Cocktail $22
Supposedly mine but I didn't really liked it so Kor exchanged his Calpis with me hahahha.

Cold Kang Kong

4 kinds of seasoning from sweet, spicy and sour.

Pear Cocktail $23

Trust me, it looks nothing close to delicious but this was really, really good.


Thanks to being the birthday girl, I had 4 of this. So de-li-cious.

The set that we ordered only came with 2 of these, so we had to separately top up one to make it 3.

Additional Atlantic Scallop $26 (One)

Fish, would never go wrong. Totally enjoyed this.

Super huge and fresh prawns!

Iberico Secreto (Pork) $30

We thought the portions would be too little hence we even ordered another pork dish but ended up having a hard time trying to finish everything!

Naked Chendol $13

3 of us shared this refreshing chendol. Expensive but worth the price once in awhile.

Basically the entire dining experience was wonderful (also to a certain extend I would expect good service because we're paying quite a bit.) For the set it's $138++ and for those additional drinks and add ons not included. Total bill was almost $300 (if I haven't remembered wrongly)

Seats are pretty limited so it's best to reserve.

Anyway, back in January they mentioned that they will be moving to a bigger space, so while I am typing this they probably have already shifted over.

If you need a place for special occasions, you could come here!

41 Malan Road
Gillman Barracks
Singapore 109454

Opening hours: 
Closed on Sundays
Lunch - Mon to Fri 1200 to 1400
Brunch - Sat 1200 to 1500
Dinner - Mon to Thurs 1800 to 2200
Fri & Sat 1800 to 2215 (2 seatings)

6694 0807
(Call between 1400 to 1800)

Social Media: 

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