Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mother's Day Flowers - For Sale! [FORKEEPINGSAKE]

Flowers for sale! Okay, it's Mothers' Day's flowers that is.

2 good friends (also my girlfriends) have setup a little mini business to sell some affordable and awesome flowers! Prices starts from $12 onwards! Okay look below for some simple steps!

They have setup up a order form which you can click here to get it. How the form looks like is shown below:

The basics here, contact details! :)

Prices ranges from $12, $20, $28, $36 and for creativity bouquet will be quoted different according to what your choice of flowers, wrapping to be! You have a design in mind? Let the girls know and they will do the magic for you!

So they also show you the sample of how the wrapping and side flowers looks like. Pretty neat for the price you're paying right? ^^

So for example if you're choosing the $12 simple bouquet, you get to choose what kind of flowers you want!

And if you are like me, don't know how some flowers looks like, don't worry they've got photos for you to conceptualize how it would turn out to be!

The great thing about glitter? They look beautifully awesome when it's dried! (I have a habit of drying my roses and keeping them)

Here's some options for self collection and delivery on the state dates!

And of course, once you're done the girls will contact you for payment details! And just wait to receive your beautiful flowers!

They also have a carousell account that you can click here to access.

So if you are too lazy to email them, just go there and chat them up! Easy peasy!

Okay, now spread the words and buy some flowers for your mothers, or even people whom you feel they are like your mothers!

Also if you want to get flowers for your loved ones, not necessary on mothers' day - any other day, just click on the 'creativity bouquet' and chat up with the girls to discuss further!

PS: I will update again when they have photos of sold flowers! At the moment they are still consolidating orders!


*Please note to contact the girls directly at their email or their carousell account @forkeepingsake.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cafe: The Hangar

Tucked at a corner of the Arab street you'll find The Hangar, a small little cozy cafe. I reckon the whole cafe houses about 30 pax at the max with some alfresco seating. I don't think they take any reservation, you can try but because we went in the morning, we didn't make any.

Decent variety to choose from.

Latte $5 and the girlfriend who loves coffee says this is good, so it is. Hahahhaa.

Hot Chocolate $5.50 no coffee for me so this is good too. 

Norwegian's catch. $18 looks like a small portion but it was just right after I'm done.

Ala Carte breakfast with Eggs, Bacon, Mushroom and toast, $15.

We both cleaned up our dishes. Maybe we were hungry but perhaps it was good. Nothing super wow but it was a good cozy brunch with her before heading to our beauty overhaul. 

Oh and another thing, it's NETT prices so that is another plus point from me. I just love NETT prices!

25 Arab Street
Singapore 19724

Opening hours: 
Closed on Tuesday
Mon - 0830 to 1900
Wed - Sun - 0830 to 2300

6291 0127

Social Media: 
Facebook | Website

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Seafood: Happy Crab

Some months ago I went on a crab adventure. Found a good place but the price is slightly on the high side. Nonetheless, it was a good adventure and I enjoyed the food even though I was complaining the whole night having to peel the shells... and etc. I sucked very badly at eating crabs so it was a super messy dinner.

Anyway they don't accept anything except cash and plus their crabs are like $45 each, so you better prepare at least $200 cash for 2 people.

Here's the size of the crab. Each person one.

Lala which was about $12 I think?

Fried Rice $10 I think, which we couldn't finish and this is cooked with Sambal.

Plain and simple vegetable that was good.

It is recommended that you SMS to the reservation number and let them know how many crabs you want to reserve. Apparently they will run out of crabs and 1 person per crab seems to be the norm. That time I asked, the uncle told me per crab is about 400/500grams, so that for about $45 is rather pricey but I can't deny that the crab was not bad. 

The total bill was about $120 if I didn't remember wrongly. If you're in for a BBQ crab adventure, reserve yours before going down. It gets very packed at night and the place has pretty limited seats.

12/13 Pahang Street
Singapore 198613

Opening hours: 
Closed on Sundays & PH
Mon - Sat 1800 -to 2230

97826216 (Roy Pek)

Social Media: 
Facebook | Website

Monday, April 6, 2015

Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh 順發肉骨茶

I randomly chanced upon this Bak Kut Teh just a few weeks ago and thankfully I ate it before the MacPherson branch closed down! Fret not, they are moving to Woodlands (even closer to me now keke)! You can find their address at the end of this short post.

I can't remember the pricing for everything but for a bowl of soupy goodness should be about $6. If you order 2 to share, the soup is refillable.

Comes with golden mushroom too!

This is more towards peppery then herbal. Slightly different from the other Woodlands Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh, which is also equally good.

Pork Knuckles should be $7/8 too.

Dried Bak Kut Teh, should be $7

This is the first dried Bak Kut Teh I have eaten and I really like it. Covered with strips of cuttlefish and dried chili, the meat is well marinated in dark sauce. If you haven't tried it you should. Though my boss, who is a Malaysian said he had even better ones in Malaysia, but he 'passed' this dish too!

Along with 2 more side dishes like youtiao and xiao cai, it was about $27 for 2 of us. 

NOTE: They have closed their MacPherson outlet, they have another outlet at Bedok, new outlet is at Woodlands. I'm not sure when they are open, but you could check out their Facebook page for more!

11 Woodlands Close #01-46 
Singapore 737853

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee

The rave has long passed and then now I'm finally here.

The portion looks little but it's actually quite filling. For the pan mee, you get to choose different types of chilli for the different noodles. They have it labeled on the chili containers. 

I have been there twice and due to go back again soon. I would say it's good, affordable and worth to try once if you have to travel a long way here. For me, it's another option for lunch since it's nearby! :D

Here's a bowl of goodness without any chili at the moment.

So far I've always been eating no. 1 so I haven't try the others.

If you haven't tried this, you should come by some day. Delicious, affordable noodles if you like dried noodles with awesome chili.

534 MacPherson Road
Singapore 368220

Opening hours: 
Daily 1100 to 2100

Social Media: