Thursday, April 9, 2015

Seafood: Happy Crab

Some months ago I went on a crab adventure. Found a good place but the price is slightly on the high side. Nonetheless, it was a good adventure and I enjoyed the food even though I was complaining the whole night having to peel the shells... and etc. I sucked very badly at eating crabs so it was a super messy dinner.

Anyway they don't accept anything except cash and plus their crabs are like $45 each, so you better prepare at least $200 cash for 2 people.

Here's the size of the crab. Each person one.

Lala which was about $12 I think?

Fried Rice $10 I think, which we couldn't finish and this is cooked with Sambal.

Plain and simple vegetable that was good.

It is recommended that you SMS to the reservation number and let them know how many crabs you want to reserve. Apparently they will run out of crabs and 1 person per crab seems to be the norm. That time I asked, the uncle told me per crab is about 400/500grams, so that for about $45 is rather pricey but I can't deny that the crab was not bad. 

The total bill was about $120 if I didn't remember wrongly. If you're in for a BBQ crab adventure, reserve yours before going down. It gets very packed at night and the place has pretty limited seats.

12/13 Pahang Street
Singapore 198613

Opening hours: 
Closed on Sundays & PH
Mon - Sat 1800 -to 2230

97826216 (Roy Pek)

Social Media: 
Facebook | Website

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