Friday, May 29, 2015

Bangkok: Talad Rot Fad Train Station Night Market Lobster Noodles

One of our travel mates told us that he saw this really delicious looking lobster noodle that supposedly should be very famous on Facebook and... with that we made our way here in search of this Lobster Noodle he said.

We took cabs to Talad Rot Fad Train Station night market. It was about 20 minutes drive without much traffic from our hotel, Centrepoint Pratunam over.

This was my first time here and I kinda like this place. It feels a little like Taiwan's night market, which loads of food stalls and clothes/shoes basically it's just like an open market which is more organized and the prices aren't too expensive compared to Asiatique.

After much search, we finally located the lobster noodle stall. It was really hard to find because there is not a single english word, no signage and just... right at the end of the market. When you come in and see the signage, just go by the extreme right lane all the way down, you will see a white board, that's the one. No English words so forget about trying to look for it.

Stall owners can barely speak English too. So most of the time we had to point and point. Lobster is only served when you order the big pot which will cost you 1,500THB and it feeds 4 pax. The portion is not that generation because my mom, me, my cousin and my aunt could finish the whole pot too so I guess 4 hungry guys must need some 'top-up' with the snacks next door.

This is roughly how it looks like from my view.

40baht hugeass ice lemon tea.

And here's the lobster yellow noodle, with sotong, fishcake, prawns, fish and.... that's about it. Of course, tom yum soup base which is good. But, we were damn thirsty thereafter. Lol!

I took out my measuring tape to measure and sure it was 27 cm long. Hahah!

If you haven't been to this market, I would say it's worth to come once because the clothes here are not bad. I did a fair share of shopping here. Like 1 sandals, 2 dresses, 3 tops and 3 skirts.

So while you're here for the shopping, there's live band and pub too. Have a drink or something, and try the lobster noodles if you have 4 pax else, the normal noodles shouldn't be too bad, just no lobster.

Used to have public transport here, but I guess now just take a cab and tell them the name of this place.

Opening hours: 
Not sure about it, but 6pm should be safe and I heard they close at 12 midnight.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bangkok Cafe: After you @ Central World

In the midst of being really tied down with my exams preparation, I took 4 days off and went Bangkok with my family. Thanks to my aunt, making this family trip happen so we all could enjoy.

It was a good break and likewise happy because it was my mom's first trip over. Glad she enjoyed it even though it was super humid, hot and tiring. But well, she did a fair share of shopping which she has done so in years.

After our dinner, I was telling my cousin I wanted to find this cafe called "after you" - I've been to Bangkok at least 4 times but never had I once went cafe hopping here.. so I thought I must do it this trip and yes! I managed to do one.... better then nothing. Hahaha.

Thankfully, we managed to get a seat at After You after like 15-20 minutes of queueing. We started queueing at about 9:15pm! Can you imagine, still so many people!

Of course to me this is about cheaper then in Singapore before for 3 wholesome dessert it was about SGD25? I don't think you can find such prices in Singapore. Maybe a toast would cost you SGD15? Maybe not SUPER cheap but still, since Singapore don't have you cannot compare. Hahaha.

Strawberries were way too sour for me, but overall this was decent - only because it was served first. The moment the toast came out.... WE COMPLETELY NEGLECTED THIS DISH HHAHAHAH.

And as usual, I 'dissected' this pancake.

Here are my cousins and friends in this trip - all happily taking their own photos. 

Shibuya Honey Toast! My goodness, finally I ate you!

Okay, I think the dazzling toast in Taiwan is slightly better with regards to the toast but this is definitely not bad either.

This, is awesome. Rocher toast, and no Taiwan don't even have this. So I would think this is even better than the honey toast. If you're looking for sweetness, this is one sweetness overload.

Needless to say, worth the queue, worth to come. They have a lot other outlets for you to visit, so choose the one nearest to you!

Central World
Level 7

Opening hours: 
Daily 1000 to 2200

Social Media: 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nahkon Thai Food @ Yishun

Anyone still alive here? Sorry, it's been a really, really long time since I came here to lay some eggs and post.

Well, some personal updates before I get to my post.....

First, I have officially finished my finals, and yes good bye Tesla. (that was my finals case study hahahaha). Secondly, I have some trips upcoming so... I hope whilst I am traveling for work, I get to go out to explore some cafes. Lastly, I just came back from JB! Unfortunately I was there alone.. so it was rather difficult for me to visit cafes and plus since I was only there during weekdays so... by the time it was night I usually stayed in my hotel.

The up coming months will be pretty hectic for me with me leaving in a weeks' time just when I came back from JB... I'm leaving for Vietnam for a good 18 days.

I was still planning for some catch up with my friends because I have been keeping myself in my cave with all my comrades for the longest time since February.

To my comrades for the past 4 months.. Thank you for being my classmates, each and every single one of you even though some one us are no longer in contact while some of us are still as bonded. The 4 months spent together fighting and conquering from Ryanair all the way through Lego, UTV, Yuhan-Kimberly, Emirates, Ritz Carlton till Tesla.. all of you were like family members to me. May our journey continue on many years down the road. T02, Strategy, I love you all - but of course major love for my 3 flowers and 6 other trees hahahaha. You know who you guys are, I need not mention more.

On a side note, I have 'graduated' so I have totally nothing to do now - it really feels kinda weird. Then again, work is coming right at me so I guess I've my plates full again. Oh and it means I have more time to travel, blog and eat - plus exercise else my weighing machine will make me depress.

Okay, enough of personal updates - which I rarely do them.


So many, many weeks back I went to have lunch at the newly opened Nakhon Kitchen (back then it was just 2 weeks old but now... hahahahahaha I think almost 2 months) Well, they aren't new to many of us but because it's new in the neighbour and right behind my place - that spells awesome!

The place is really, really small. Barely able to pack more than 30 people so the queue is always long. Thankfully I stay behind so I just went down at 12:30pm sharp when they just open for business. Trust me within 30 minutes even before my food is half finished, the queue was like a snake.

Honestly, I thought it was a little pricey for the portion served but no doubt it wasn't too bad.

Simple furniture and layout. 

Kang Kong $6

Mince pork $6

Pineapple rice $6

Oatmeal prawn $12


Tom Yum clear soup $6

Mango Sticky Rice $5

Though I think the price for the portion isn't really cheap but still it was a good meal! Staying in Yishun and need some Thai food? Here's the place for you, but be prepared to queue that is!

Blk 233 Yishun Street 21
Singapore 760233

Opening hours: 
Daily 1200 to 1500
1700 to 2200