Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bangkok Cafe: After you @ Central World

In the midst of being really tied down with my exams preparation, I took 4 days off and went Bangkok with my family. Thanks to my aunt, making this family trip happen so we all could enjoy.

It was a good break and likewise happy because it was my mom's first trip over. Glad she enjoyed it even though it was super humid, hot and tiring. But well, she did a fair share of shopping which she has done so in years.

After our dinner, I was telling my cousin I wanted to find this cafe called "after you" - I've been to Bangkok at least 4 times but never had I once went cafe hopping here.. so I thought I must do it this trip and yes! I managed to do one.... better then nothing. Hahaha.

Thankfully, we managed to get a seat at After You after like 15-20 minutes of queueing. We started queueing at about 9:15pm! Can you imagine, still so many people!

Of course to me this is about cheaper then in Singapore before for 3 wholesome dessert it was about SGD25? I don't think you can find such prices in Singapore. Maybe a toast would cost you SGD15? Maybe not SUPER cheap but still, since Singapore don't have you cannot compare. Hahaha.

Strawberries were way too sour for me, but overall this was decent - only because it was served first. The moment the toast came out.... WE COMPLETELY NEGLECTED THIS DISH HHAHAHAH.

And as usual, I 'dissected' this pancake.

Here are my cousins and friends in this trip - all happily taking their own photos. 

Shibuya Honey Toast! My goodness, finally I ate you!

Okay, I think the dazzling toast in Taiwan is slightly better with regards to the toast but this is definitely not bad either.

This, is awesome. Rocher toast, and no Taiwan don't even have this. So I would think this is even better than the honey toast. If you're looking for sweetness, this is one sweetness overload.

Needless to say, worth the queue, worth to come. They have a lot other outlets for you to visit, so choose the one nearest to you!

Central World
Level 7

Opening hours: 
Daily 1000 to 2200

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