Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nahkon Thai Food @ Yishun

Anyone still alive here? Sorry, it's been a really, really long time since I came here to lay some eggs and post.

Well, some personal updates before I get to my post.....

First, I have officially finished my finals, and yes good bye Tesla. (that was my finals case study hahahaha). Secondly, I have some trips upcoming so... I hope whilst I am traveling for work, I get to go out to explore some cafes. Lastly, I just came back from JB! Unfortunately I was there alone.. so it was rather difficult for me to visit cafes and plus since I was only there during weekdays so... by the time it was night I usually stayed in my hotel.

The up coming months will be pretty hectic for me with me leaving in a weeks' time just when I came back from JB... I'm leaving for Vietnam for a good 18 days.

I was still planning for some catch up with my friends because I have been keeping myself in my cave with all my comrades for the longest time since February.

To my comrades for the past 4 months.. Thank you for being my classmates, each and every single one of you even though some one us are no longer in contact while some of us are still as bonded. The 4 months spent together fighting and conquering from Ryanair all the way through Lego, UTV, Yuhan-Kimberly, Emirates, Ritz Carlton till Tesla.. all of you were like family members to me. May our journey continue on many years down the road. T02, Strategy, I love you all - but of course major love for my 3 flowers and 6 other trees hahahaha. You know who you guys are, I need not mention more.

On a side note, I have 'graduated' so I have totally nothing to do now - it really feels kinda weird. Then again, work is coming right at me so I guess I've my plates full again. Oh and it means I have more time to travel, blog and eat - plus exercise else my weighing machine will make me depress.

Okay, enough of personal updates - which I rarely do them.


So many, many weeks back I went to have lunch at the newly opened Nakhon Kitchen (back then it was just 2 weeks old but now... hahahahahaha I think almost 2 months) Well, they aren't new to many of us but because it's new in the neighbour and right behind my place - that spells awesome!

The place is really, really small. Barely able to pack more than 30 people so the queue is always long. Thankfully I stay behind so I just went down at 12:30pm sharp when they just open for business. Trust me within 30 minutes even before my food is half finished, the queue was like a snake.

Honestly, I thought it was a little pricey for the portion served but no doubt it wasn't too bad.

Simple furniture and layout. 

Kang Kong $6

Mince pork $6

Pineapple rice $6

Oatmeal prawn $12


Tom Yum clear soup $6

Mango Sticky Rice $5

Though I think the price for the portion isn't really cheap but still it was a good meal! Staying in Yishun and need some Thai food? Here's the place for you, but be prepared to queue that is!

Blk 233 Yishun Street 21
Singapore 760233

Opening hours: 
Daily 1200 to 1500
1700 to 2200

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