Friday, July 24, 2015

Cafe: Froth @ Big Hotel

Just located at the lobby of Big Hotel you can find Froth Cafe. The menu is pretty extensive and the overall experience there was pretty decent. 

The only thing that was pretty irritating was the waiting time. We took like at least 1.5 hours to finish 2 mains and a dessert. Waiting for the mains itself took more than 20 minutes and the dessert was another 20 minutes. Really the service is way too slow.

Thankfully the Taro Waffles were super awesome else I would have kicked a fuss for making us wait so long just to eat. 

We were there on a Sunday afternoon, and it was about 1/2 full. 

Pan-fried Salmon $20.90

Not bad but could be more flavorful. It's crispy on the outside and gradually softer on the inside.

Cheesy Lobster Sandwich $22.90

Taro Waffles $12.90

Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream combination was awesome. Taro paste with taro flavored waffles and some blueberries. Gosh, I am definitely eating this again someday.

BIG Hotel
200 Middle Road
Singapore 188980

6336 1228

Opening Hours:
Daily 1130 to 2200
Closed on first Monday of the month except PH

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