Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (치르치르) @ 313 Somerset

Reservations are not allowed hence we had no choice but to queue up on a weekday evening. For 5 of us, we waited for about 20 minutes before getting a table before 7pm. By the time we were seated, the queue was longer than the Llao Llao queue at 313.

We finished all of the dishes ordered and well, it was 4 guys and 1 girl, so you could imagine how much food was served. But we still had a little space for Llao Llao thereafter.

Per pax was about $26 after GST.

For those who are as sua ku as me, this was something new to me. It's for you to 'kiap' your chicken hahahahaha.

Cheese French Fries $9.90

Nest Snow Chicken $32.90

I was told by the waitress that this is the signature dish and everyone comes here orders this to share. And I must say this is one of the best among the 3 chicken dishes we've ordered.

Garlicky Chicken $28.90

You'd never go wrong with garlic soy chicken. Awesome too!

Spicy BBQ Roast Chicken $32.90

The least popular dish because it was just simply way too spicy for most of us. Plus the rice cake was severely burnt and dried up. :( I was hoping to eat some rice cake but... oh well.

I forgot how much was this but it's only enough for 4 people to share a cup each. Nothing fantastic if you ask me. Skip this and just drink ice water. :D

They will 'perform' a little for you though.


313 @ Somerset
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu & Sun 1000 to 2200
Fri & Sat 1100 to 2300

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