Monday, July 13, 2015

May May @ Tras Street

//edited 8 August 2015

So I went back again for lunch and I thought to also share their awesome lunch deals with you since I've already tried dinner. Thankfully this time round I managed to get my custard donuts that I didn't get to try for dinner the other time.

Set lunches are pretty decently priced. For a soft drink, a salad and a main it ranges about $14 to $18. The only additional item we got was the Kong Ba Pau which I totally have no regrets eating it. Really good. You can request them to cut into halve for sharing :) And of course you should try the custard donuts which is 3 for $7. They are slightly on the sweeter side so if you don't really love sweet stuff, it might not be that great for you. Well as for me, I enjoyed it and was happy I finally got to try it. Of course if you ask me to compare with a Dim Sum custard bun then of course I'd choose the latter. But this donut one, has its own goodness.

Beef Rendang which was pretty good. Spiciness at the right degree.

Cod fish, totally worth it.

Spicy chicken which was a little tad too spicy for my dining mate.

Sugar coated on the outside and custard on the inside.

You should totally go May May, you'd not regret it. :D


I was hoping to eat the custard bun but unfortunately by the time I was there for dinner, it was all sold out. Well, the waitress told me to come during lunch cause it's usually sold out by then. Since the dinner was pretty awesome, I am considering to come back for lunch some day to try out the custard bun!

We made reservations for 3 pax and arrive at about 7:30pm on a Thursday. It was pretty empty so no worries if you're intending to just walk in.

Squid $15

Come with pistachio and caramel bits. 

Lobster Noodle $30

Which was pretty good. A little tomyum-ish though.

Sea Bass $32 which we also enjoyed.

5 Spice Pork $28

Really tender pork chop, absolutely love this. 

It's rather pricey but worth the food you're paying for.


65 Tras Street
Singapore 079004

6221 4698

Opening Hours:
Closed on Sundays
Lunch 1130 to 1500
Coffee 1500 to 1800
Dinner 1800 to 2300

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