Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cafe: Boufe @ Tanglin

//edited 09.12.15

A promise to myself, I came back again but for dinner this time round! Dinner was equally good and didn't disappoint me.

Crab pasta


Fish and Chips

Sorry bout this photo cause... I forgot to take a proper photo so had to use my Snapchat's. :(

So now, this place is good to go all day!


Made a trip to this cafe some time back and realise that I totally forgot to post about it! :( (Only realised it when someone was asking me to recommend a good cafe for a date.)

Some might already know, this place is owned by a familiar blogshop name that is pretty popular - Ohvola. I used to be their loyal shopper until their prices went up and designs... aren't really what I like and I got enticed by other blogshops with discounts and etc.. anyway, beside the point - Boufe is pretty decent for the price and the quality of food. Just one thing, the location isn't too great. If you want to get there by bus/train, you're in for a short walk under hot scorching sun. But if you drive, then alright please do come and visit!

Reservations not taken for the weekends and public holidays. We're pretty lucky to get a table for 2 pretty immediately cause the entire place was packed even at 2pm (for a late brunch).

I reckon the entire place can only house max 35 people? Not too sure bout it.

Anyway it's been some time so... I might not remember exactly what I had, and yet I forgot about the prices.

This should be chamomile mint or something. I liked it a lot, was very very refresing.

Some apple tea I think. Which was also pretty decent.

Florentine? I think that's what it was called. Anyway the portion looks small but it was just right for me.

Salmon Croissant, really this was really good and the portion was so super generous. Especially on the Salmon.

Well, this looked really good but doesn't taste that fantastic. I mean it was decent but nah, I guess you can go ahead with the truffle fries. Skip the chili cheese fries (I think that's the name teehee)

I will re-visit this place again if I'm around the around because Tanglin is indeed a little far from where I live.


308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park
#01-01 Singapore 247974

Opening hours:
Closed on Mondays
Tues - Fri 0800 to 2200
Sat & Sun 1000 to 2200 (All day brunch, hooray!)

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