Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cafe: Hyde & Co

Bello! Yes, I am still alive but I really haven't been in Singapore much so... Well, yeah I haven't been going to cafes (sadly).

In a nutshell, I've just came back from Manila... about a week plus ago and tomorrow I'm jetting off to Taiwan. Probably the last work trip for the year before I lay myself back in my comfort zone and rest. Not sure if there will be anymore surprises but well, fingers crossed! I've got some plans to travel for leisure (finally!) and I'm really eager to starting planning on them after my Taiwan trip.

Okay, so here goes for this really throwback post to beginning of August... almost a month' ago. :/


I've been wanting to go to this cafe and finally, for a very special occasion we made it here! Reservations taken for 8 pax and it was pretty crowded for us one a small table but we made do with it anyway. :3

It would be good for reservations cause it was darn crowded, well at least every other patron that came about had to wait for seats. So big groups, definitely better to make reservations!

Prices against portion is pretty decent. Though the menu wasn't really extensive we still had a hard time trying to choose what to eat. Everything looked delicious!

I forgot what is this.. but it's some.. coffee. Hahhahahahahaa. (don't hate me.)

Some lime thingy? Which was pretty sour from what I recall..

Some cocktail which is supposedly their signature but I feel like a waste of money because you see the portion! So ridiculously little! (Chris had to order another cup of drink thereafter.....)

Same for this, some cocktail, berries I think.

Latte, which was okay.

Chocolate which I enjoyed.

Thoughtful barista noticed the birthday girl's hello kitty balloons and made this for her.

Truffle fries which was good. 

This should be the full works, which was decent.

Poached eggs and salmon, something that would never go wrong and something I always, always eat. Lol!

Pulled pork which was pretty good.

Big portion and pretty good.

Bagel with Salmon, something along the line.

Basically, there's no complains about this cafe and infact for the food I might just go back for their brunch again. To try other dishes! If you haven't came before, you should drop by for their brunch. I can't say if their dinner would be worth it but brunch is definitely next on your list.

Sorry I really can't recall the prices (you just refer to the menu okay?) hehehe.

Hopefully, I can visit more cafes and continue this space when I get settled down with my work.

Till then folks, see you in another 2 weeks when I return to my home, sweet home.


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