Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cafe: The Bake House by Carpenter and Cook @ Alexandra

I've been to Carpenter & Cook at Lorong Kilat and I've loved their pastries and tarts. So I decided to give their other cafe, Bakehouse a go!

Not tough to spot it as it's right beside IKEA Alexandra. If you're driving, just park at IKEA and walk out and you'd find it on the left upon exiting the main entrance of IKEA.

#1 minus point. I guess it was free seating... so no one bothered to entertain us - at all. We were completely on our own and we had to source for seats ourselves and it's like as if the service staff completely ignored our presence like we're invisible or something. I was pretty annoyed by that, but what to do, I chose to patronise them.

I liked the decoration and feel of the place though it's very small. Not suitable for crowds more than 4.

Self help with cutlery and water.

Pretty limited menu, so unlikely there's anything I would come back again for.

Hello my new sandals from Taiwan that is only TWD390! Hehehe, super love it!

 Rose with French Vanilla $5 by Dilmah - which I felt very very very cheated. I could just top up a little and get the entire box of teabags myself. 

Crab Meat Fettuccine $16 - which has pathetic portion but it was pretty decent. This portion was just right for me, but definitely insufficient if you come famished.

Sausage Pizza $14 - Not bad but again, the portion is miserable.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart $6.50 - something that should not have gone wrong because this is probably from their parent cafe. Which of course, this was good.

So the verdict? Nope, not going back and neither would I really recommend someone to travel all the way there just to eat this. Anyway, my girlfriend who went couple of months back told me that the portion used to be more... so maybe they adjusted their portions to be more profitable? I don't know, you decide.

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