Friday, October 2, 2015

Taipei: 自然風shabu shabu 精品料理屋 (Zi Ran Feng)

This is a rather different shabu shabu as compared to the previous one that I had at xxxxxxxx. This is more expensive (though there are cheaper options then the one we had but generally the tagged price is higher).

We came with a mindset to indulge ourselves in good shabu shabu... we chose a set that consist of the following:

4 kind of appetizer which my favourite is the abalone! 

Loved all the sashimi of course. 
Well, Salmon, Magoru, Swordfish (I think) and a little prawn.

And this is the main highlight! We ordered the lobster with pork. So this is the entire platter for 2. 

And a shitload of pork!
After you're done with all the lobsters and pork and clams and fish and basically everything else. They will take your broth, and cook it into some really delicious porridge that... I don't even know how to describe this. By the time we were eating this I was exploding but I still ate a bowlful anyway.

Definitely this over Match Ice Cream which was way too sweet.

This set we had for 2 goes from a drink, to appetizer, sashmi, mains, porridge and dessert. Total 4 lobsters with 8 parts. The lobster is super fresh and so is everything else served.

Of course, the price comes heavy. The set we had cost 5,200TWD.

There are single pots and more affordable sets for you to choose from. If you're in for indulgence.. try out this place :)


市民大道四段126號, Taipei, Taiwan 106

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun 1130 0330


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