Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hong Kong: Dimdimsum Specialty Store

This is a sub-post from my original 5D4N Hong Kong 2015 Itinerary post.

No pictures but the words were manageable. Ordered a feast to dig in that morning!

Total bill was about HKD224

Prawn Spring Rolls - a little too oily but still very good.

Reminds of me Singapore's Victor's Kitchen's Milk Tea.

Pineapple bun which was soooooooooooo good.


Har Gow, fresh prawns!

Custard buns, never go wrong - never. I could eat all 3 up if I had that capability. Hahahhahaa.

That chili, was the best chili - trust me. These carrot cakes win Tim Ho Wan hands down because of that chili lol. 

I forgot what is this called but this-is-a-must-eat. HOMGBBQ! It's really damn good, it's like soft outside, crispy inside with prawns dipped in their sauce...... I must confess I ate a lot of this.

I don't usually eat siew mai cause I don't really like it but this was crab meat and it was really good too. 

Basically, we pigged out big time. Totally worth the calories and okay, I'm definitely going back to eat this when I go back to Hong Kong.

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