Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cafe: Laurent's Cafe @ Heeren

Made reservations for a Saturday afternoon for brunch at Laurent's for a birthday celebration last month. Open and spacious concept, really loved the entire experience there.

Mainly I think their desserts are worth returning for, the mains are not too bad too.

I really can't remember what I ordered but the bread was way too tough but the salmon within was good.

This was not too bad too, something like their big breakfast.

Prawn Agio was good.


Lava Cake which you have to wait for another 18 minutes for it. And yes, it was good.

I'm sorry I totally can't recall what we had so I'm just gonna leave all the pictures to do the talking. In any case, there was this particular dessert that tasted very very closed to rocher, you HAVE to eat that. It was the best among all the other delicious cakes available. Ask the friendly staff and they will gladly promote and recommend their cakes to you.



260 Orchard Road B1-02C,
The Heeren
Singapore 238855)

Opening hours:
Daily 0900 to 2300


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