Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good bye my memorable 2015, hello to an awesome 2016!

I remember writing resolutions every single year in the past and end up not really fulfilling them. Last year, I can't exactly remember what I told myself I want to achieve but the only thing that etched in my mind was to travel.

I've always wanted to see the world - well, everyone does. But I would say that 2015 has been really fulfilling, exciting and unforgettable.

There were a fair share of happiness, joy, tears and anger. So much happened within the course of 365 days. Well, I'm not going to go into details - so if you can understand, you can, if you can't then that's too bad.

By the time you are reading this, I would probably be at some corner of Taiwan, Taipei counting down with my beloved relatives/cousins. Though this would be the 4th trip to Taiwan together as a family but hey, it doesn't really matter which country we repeatedly visit because it's the company that makes it different.

Let's see...


  1. Got a new job this year, which I'm currently loving it.
  2. Finally graduated from my part-time university course after a painful 3.5 years
  3. Set foot prints to Vietnam and Manila for the first time.
  4. Traveled to Korea, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  5. Made tons of new friends from all over the world through the course of work.
Some may say I am enjoying 'good life' - well, I don't disagree with you but neither do I entirely agree with you. Just like every glamorous moment, you just don't see the efforts, pains and sacrifices behind it. Not implying anything... #justsaying

This year has been really fruitful for me. Be it personal or career, it has been a fantastic year. It may not have been smooth sailing, but it sure shaped me up a lot. 

Every time I go away from home either for days or weeks for business, I learn something new from the new people I meet in my life. I'm blessed to be able to know all these people, though they may never read this - but hey, you came in my life and made it awesome. I may never tell you how awesome and happy I am to meet you, but I do. While we're miles apart, I hope friendships build will last.

Change is the only constant. People change all the time and we all adapt and change together - for better or for worst, it's never for one to simply judge. No one stays at the same spot forever, you either move forward or get left behind. Your dream now will be different from 5 years ago and it will continue to change in the next 5 years to come. No one should tell you that your change is wrong - because it's for no one to judge your life.

Friends come and go, some stay while some go. You can't grab hold of everyone even if you want to. Maybe you never wanted to let go, but certain circumstances you gave yourself let that friendship slip through the cracks of your fingers. Friendship built 5 years ago changes over time, but no one said changes are bad - it just depends on how you look at that change. The best love is to let one be free to do what they want, not to tell them what you think they should be doing but to support their decision. Never control someone's life just like how you don't wish to be controlled.

Thank you to those whom have always supported me in any decisions I make. Always hoping I choose the best for myself, regardless of what it may implicate on you. You know who you are, I don't need to name. I don't express much but it does not mean I don't appreciate. Or rather, sometimes I just don't know how to best show my appreciation.

To you whom shut your doors on me - I don't know what to say. I barely speak to you anyway and I reckon we've not met for years, but yet one fine day I realize that hey - what happened? It is necessary to go to this extend? I was taken aback and left confused but I decided not to pursue further. You decide what's best in your life. If removing me from your life makes you a happier person then I will not barge into it. Friendships are like connecting doors, it takes two open doors to walk through. Though you closed yours, mine is still left agar. Till the day you decide to open it again, just push a little and you'll traces of me left behind.

Always do it for yourself, not for anyone. Do what makes you happy, not what makes someone else happy. When you are happy, happiness will spread. Don't change just to suit someone, someone that suits you will come. 

I just realized this seems like a very emotional post but hey - it's just my thoughts in bits and pieces through my eyes in my life. You may disagree with me, it's fine. And no, I'm not depressed or what, hahaha, I'm probably having the best time of my life now as you are reading and enjoying the cold and fun surrounded by my family.

I left this post in my drafts for months before I scheduled it to be posted on this very last day of 2015. For memory sake, I wanted to draw up my year with a closure.

The road ahead of me is uncertain and grey, I don't know what's coming my way and neither do I know if I'm staying the same. That 'me' you meet today might be different from that 'me' you meet 3 months down the road. I can't tell you I'm never changing - because changes are everywhere. Just like my horoscope sign - free spirited and highly adaptable, I probably live up to it. I'll still probably stay annoying and noisy so... hahahhaa! Anyway..

To whoever that is reading this...

I wish you had a an awesome 2015 and the next would be even better. Happy new year!


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