Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lokkee: Chinese Fusion @ Plaza Singapura

I am sure everyone have seen a photo of this condom looking wet tissue. Whoever that marketing manager is for Lokkee, good job. Your idea went viral. Hahahhaa. Anyway, that's not the main point. Food here is slightly pricey - it's like you're eating zhichar in a atas place. Good experience for the dishes I've tried. It was good, but more like a treat when you feel rich.

Salmon with some avocado bits. Small portion but still shareable. 

Their version of peking duck which is very good. We literally snatched this up within 5 minutes after it was served.

Hi there broccoli from France! Nothing very fanciful except the fact that this broccoli looked a little mutated but it's just because we've never seen a broccoli like that. Other then that, it's normal.

Spongebob's house was on fire with some beef inside. Which was really good too.

I remember the price of this dish because it was the most expensive dish. $58 for this boneless fish. We had reservations but the staff recommended - it was not bad but I wouldn't want to pay $58 for this kind of fish again. (I forgot what fish though)

And they give you some fortune cookies as complimentary snack after meal. Of all fortunes, I have to get this. Wahpiang, I don't watch hunger games! (Prefer maze runner hahahahahaha)

Lokkee is located at Plaza Singapura, so I'm lazy to find the address for you. Haha.

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  1. I saw your post from Hungrygowhere since I just posted my review there for Lokkee. Your flaming pineapple is just the way I saw it happening in a neighboring table! Anyway, leaving my post here, hope it will complement your post... :)