Thursday, December 17, 2015

Restaurant Week 2015: The Chop House @ Vivo City

As you are reading this, I am somewhere... in Seoul! Hahahaha, enjoying my kimchi and rice cakes and of course the cold weather...

Anyway, another restaurant week post! Another place that I think you should totally visit even if it's not on restaurant week.

Mushroom soup which was really thick and mushroomy (if you know what I mean) hahaha

Between the 2 appetizer, I think my soup was a better choice.

Come chop house, must eat pork chop! Very, super aiyo so nice. Must eat okay hahaha.

Pasta, which I forgot was what Pasta but in any case this was decent, so the pork chop is a better choice.

Affogato which isn't my choice since I don't take coffee, but comments where this is normal.

Good tart, which I also think this is a better choice compared to coffee as dessert.

So either you wait for the next restaurant week in 2016 March (most likely) or just visit them at Vivo city for an occasion! :)

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