Monday, December 7, 2015

Vietnamese: Little Vietnam Restaurant and cafe

I have so many drafts in my blogger and.. it's still a draft. Sigh. I really need to buck up and try to finish them this year! Well, better not drag till next year...

Packed December for me that every moment is so precious. Sitting in my hotel in Taiwan, I shall do some blogging since I'm alone.


Some weeks back I took a visit over lunch to this Little Vietnam nearby my office in the east.

Pretty average setting for a 'cafe' but the food is good, so just come and eat and go hahaha.

Red dates and longan $2.80

Lemon Grass Clams $8
Enjoyed this too but since I'm not a big fan of Lemon Grass so.. I prefer the cockles.

Cockles with Garlic $6
You must order this, this is so good and for $6, trust me it was a really generous portion.

Pho with Beef Slices & Balls $7.50
The soup looks plain and bland but... it's really good. But the noodles are just right for me - so might be too small portion for guys.

Just a very short post but this is one place that you could visit if you want to eat good Vietnamese food. The restaurant is facing the main road inside Grandlink Square.


511 Guillemard Road
#01-25 Grandlink Square
Singapore 399849

Opening Hours: [Facebook says they changed their hours since 13 Oct 2015]
Closed on Mondays
Sunday to Tuesday
1200 to 2330

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