Monday, February 15, 2016

Open Farm Community



And yes, I've been missing from this space since last year... I wanted to post something in January but man.. It was really a busy month for me with my birthday and Chinese New Year spring cleanings. I didn't really had time for much cafehopping though I did enjoy loads of cozy dinners with my loved ones over my birthday period.

Anyway, here's me back for the year (and I hope I can continue to post more food post!) and hopefully more travelogues than last year! I have one upcoming in February... so await for it to appear in March (which is when I am back!) hehe.

So down to the food...

A few weeks ago we made a lunch trip over to Open Farm Community. Getting there is quite troublesome if you're not driving but driving there will have the pain of parking because of the space constraint in the carpark. Well, we went with 2 cars and we had to park behind someone else and leave a note on the car infront to let them know to call us if they want to get out. Other then that, the entire place is really tranquil (if only you minus away the busy lunch crowd chatters) and it's the perfect place to spend your afternoon there. People watching or just chill, either one is awesome.

Prices range from $2x onwards, which in my opinion it's not cheap. But well, it was for an occasion so it was worth it. For the ambiance and the food, I would say definitely great for special occasions and a treat.

‘Hail Caesar’ house smoked chicken, 5J jamon
Really small portion, good for 2 to share.

Rigatoni, local mushrooms, smoked pancetta topped with stilton & balsamic reduction
I really loved my pasta but it was tad too salty towards the end and I couldn't finish it even though it looks like it was very little. But it was pretty filling.

250g Charred wagyu burger with all the usual suspects, garlic fries & mayo
Suitable for big eaters and yes, this was awesome too!

Smoked duck cappelletti with baby spinach, dark brown chicken & thyme tea
When this dish came, all of us joked of it looking like a wanton. This was too 'ducky' for me so I didn't really enjoy this. But hey if you love ducks alot, go ahead and order this. Wouldn't disappoint you.

Lemon tart with basil ice cream
Well, yours wouldn't come in this plate but this was their best seller I suppose that's why my name was on the plate. 

Thank you all for the treat and yes, I'm definitely heading back there again in the near future because the food is worth it, and so is the service and ambiance.

130E Minden Road
Singapore 248819

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri 1200 to 2200
Sat - Sun/PH 1100 to 2200

6471 0306

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