Sunday, November 27, 2016

High Tea: The Westin Singapore @ Lobby Lounge

I had this post saved in my draft for months till I forgot about it. Well, since I've taken the time to revive the template of this blog... why not add an old post today.

Months ago I went for a high tea session at Westin Hotel. My, I must say that though the view was a little shitty because of the construction but the food and ambience was awesome. Enjoyed every bit of the high tea that afternoon. Comes with 2 glasses of champagne complimentary!

So this came first. First plate is for sharing, while the bottom 2 plates have the same food.

That's soy sauce in the tube for you to squeeze.

Next was a plate of 2 lobsters one each and 2 oysters to go along with it.

Lastly, it was a plate of desserts to share.

Honestly, now even as I look at it, I feel like going back again to have it someday.

Oh, and a little photo of us that day. 

P.S I kind miss my longer hair haha


On a side note, I've been slacking on my travelogues mainly cause... I've been traveling for work for the past few months and I haven't exactly gone on vacation.... BUT! I'm heading one soon and I'm pretty excited to share my experience once I'm back. 

Until then, I'd see you again.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

오랜만 이네!

That basically just means 'long time no see'.

Anyway, I've been really slacking off since months... Well, life's been a roller coaster and I'd come back soon to this space. 

*fingers crossed*

Till then folks, watch this space.