Saturday, April 15, 2017

Travelogue: Switchzone @ Daeheung Station, Exit 3

It was indeed a tough choice to which salon and hair stylist to go for in Korea because there's just SO MANY salons!

We eventually made a decision to go with a highly raved stylist name Jei for hair curls. She was previously from Cecica Hair and has now gone to Switch Zone Hair.

Thanks to Allynn's recommendation, research and eventually emailing to Switch Zone to make our appointment before heading over.


  1. Alight at Daeheung Station, Exit 3
  2. Make a u-turn once you reach the street level
  3. Walk a couple steps, you'd reach a junction where there's a CU convenience store
  4. Make a left turn, walk down the street for 3-5 mins
  5. You'd find yourself at Switch Zone


Address: 303 Daeheung-dong Mapo-gu Seoul 
Tel: 02-706-9055


Just like any other Korean Hair salon, the stylist will greet you, assess your hair condition and give suitable recommendations and confirming the price with you before they proceed to do your hair. If you don't know what to do, just ask for recommendation. If you have something you want in mind, you can just show the stylist and they will tell you if that's possible or not possible.

I've been going to a Korean Hair Salon in Singapore called "Zinc" which was also recommended to me by Allynn. I have naturally very very curly hair (especially my fringe) so I have been straightening my hair for many years to keep it manageable and neat. Usually I need to spend at least 3 and the longest 6 hours in the salon to get everything fixed. I will usually do straightening of the top and curling on the bottom. (either a S or C curl depending on my hair length when I go) It often comes with treatment as part of the package and it cost me $450 the last time I went. For just straightening touch up, it will be $150 without any treatment. If you would want treatment, it will end up to be $300. 

We spent about 4 hours there and all of them finish below 4hours. I was longest on the seat. 

Here's what we each did. 

Ranielle (Long Hair)
"Magic + Setting" for damaged hair
216,000won (discount price) 
SGD 279

Allynn (Long Hair)
"Setting, Digital, Volume Straight" for damaged hair
171,000won (discount price)
SGD 220

Cherlyn (Medium Hair)
"Color Package"
162,000won (discount price)
SGD 209

Eileen (Medium Hair)
"Setting, Digital, Volume Straight" for damaged hair
162,000won (discount price)
SGD 209

Here's the price list of Switch Zone that Allynn help me take while they were still waiting for me to be done.

She took about 20 mins odd to assess all 4 of us and I was the first to get on the chair because mine had the most steps. I basically cut, straighten, did treatment and a final C curl to finish off.

They will serve you a drink of your choice with 2 yummy cookies and a very comfortable cushion for you to rest your arms so you can use your mobile comfortably. Service wise, it was awesome.

So here's me, and a little hat for treatment I suppose after my haircut. (The lady at the back speaks perfect angmoh slang English)

This is the cushion hehe. U shaped.

So here's me and a cramped up face after I was done with my straightening.

Allynn has straight hair, so she just did treatment, big S curls and the signature Korean styled bangs.

Check out the S curls for her hair right after she was done. 

So after my hair got straighten, they have to curl my bottom for a little C curl~

That's Jei by the way.

And here's my hair after she styled it nicely.

Here's a backview of my C (J looking) curls.

Allynn's S curls with no straightening.

Side ways to see her bangs.

Cherlyn had a cut and color. 

Eileen's S curls with no straightening.

Side view

Now the question in your head would be how did it go the next day? A week after? Well..... the truth is. I kind of lost the curls the moment I washed my hair. Mainly because I didn't blow my curls. Allynn's curls are still awesome though. 

I still love my hair after the session nonetheless.

Okay, pardon my cui face but this is after I washed my hair for the first time. On flight back to Singapore so no make up required hahahah. 

Taken on more than 1 week after. 

To me I don't think I've wasted my time nor money. In fact I think I enjoyed the entire experience. Here's our experiences for you to think about if you want to have yours too. :)

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